Franklin Educational Services Refocuses on Its Roots


Rooted in higher learning and continuing to grow with time, Franklin Educational Services provides a broad range of services to students of all ages, their families, and their communities.
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Founder and president, Dr. Daniel Franklin, holds a master’s degree from Harvard University in Reading, Language, and Learning Disabilities, a PhD from UCLA in Education, and he is a Board Certified Educational Therapist. With over 30 years of experience, he stands proudly at the helm of this Los Angeles-based organization. From consulting with the families who come through his practice, to presenting at various conferences and leading workshops for teachers and clinicians, he’s at the forefront of providing solutions for the challenges students encounter.

Who Is Franklin Educational Services?

Franklin Educational Services offers educational consulting, school placement, expert tutoring and test prep, and executive functioning support. One service highlight is the 1-on-1 tutoring, specialized for homeschooled students. This is where the partnership with Laurel Springs blossoms. An accredited online school, Laurel Springs offers both complete grade-level courses and single-course solutions—world languages, electives, summer classes, and other options that allow students to broaden their horizons. Franklin facilitates Laurel Springs courses in-person and at private schools, Franklin learning centers, student homes, athletic facilities, and parent workplaces. If there’s a need for individualized academic support, Franklin can help.
From the beginning, Franklin has focused on guiding students of all learning characteristics to produce their highest quality work while promoting study skills, time management, and organization. Franklin collaborates with vigorously vetted tutors who act as liaisons with college placement professionals to ensure all college application requirements are not only fulfilled, but exemplary.

A Wealth of Information

Franklin Educational Services is “highly committed to serving the public,” and that means all students of all needs, plus their parents and communities. Some of their provided services include:
Tutoring. All levels, including AP and Honors courses.
Test prep. All tests up to the postgraduate level.
Executive Functioning coaching. From organization to study skills to time management, students learn about various executive functions.
Community resources. Meetings focus on what’s important to parents and special child- and adolescent-related interest groups.
Parent support. Whether your child is applying for kindergarten, transitioning to college, or is somewhere in between, feel free to bring your questions about academic goals, school choices, and the best educational options for your child. 
Helping Your Child with Language-Based Learning Disabilities
Much of Dr. Franklin’s approach is presented in his book, Helping Your Child with Language-Based Learning Disabilities. In it, he guides parents through a relationship-based approach, centered on the bond parents and children hold and how this should be leveraged to promote success in school and beyond. The strategies outlined throughout this guide benefit children with language-based learning disabilities—such as dyslexia, dyscalculia, and ADHD—but they can also be put into practice in any home, with any child.
With the release of the book, Franklin began to see an uptick in inquiries related to helping students with special needs, so much so that the company focus started to shift. In order to bring balance back to an organization that offers so much more than one specialty, the organization made the move to evolve its mission.

Back to Its Roots

The main focus of rebranding Franklin Educational Services is to remind the community that they serve the public as a whole. There’s a resurgence in the programs available for all students looking to excel in advanced courses, and who have their sights set on competitive schools. 
Through rich partnerships with schools like Laurel Springs, Franklin strives to strengthen their individualized tutoring options.
Students and their parents can trust that they’re working with a highly qualified professional as Franklin only collaborates with tutors with their own level of academic excellence and who believe in a proactive approach to teaching. “Good tutoring is being proactive. Tutors actively learn about students, their demands at school, their organizational needs, time management needs, and their need to advocate on their own behalf.”
Dr. Franklin believes that “homeschooling has come of age.” With so many benefits and reasons to choose this educational path, it can only grow and improve with time. With partnerships of such high caliber, such as the one shared with Laurel Springs, there’s a lot to look forward to in the future.

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