Partner Spotlight: Saddlebrook Prep


For decades, Laurel Springs School has pioneered distance learning and has reimagined the educational journey through a student-centered focus. But we haven’t done it alone. Laurel Springs’ collaboration with leading academic innovators provide engagement for the most advanced and adventurous of learners. 

Currently, Partnerships at Laurel Springs School works with more than 300 like-minded organizations and consultants who are leveraging the school’s wealth of experience and diverse curriculum to augment their own educational offerings. One of these trusted educational partners is Saddlebrook Preparatory, a fully-accredited private school outside of Tampa, Florida. Students enrolled in grades 3-12 also compete as part of either the Saddlebrook Tennis Program or the Saddlebrook Golf Academy. With a 10-to-1 student/teacher ratio, this intimate learning community “promotes communication and the individual nurturing of student potential.”

We recently discussed our more-than-five-year collaboration with Saddlebrook’s current Director of Curriculum & Student Services, Sabrina Herrera. She shared her insights on how partnering with Laurel Springs has benefited the Saddlebrook community as a whole. 

Supplementing Saddlebrook Students

There are many reasons why other educational organizations decide to partner with Laurel Springs. While Ms Herrera was a teacher on campus at the start of our partnership, she believes one of the main reasons Saddlebrook decided to become a partner “...was due to the wide range of courses that are available at LSS.” From Honors to AP and World Language courses, Laurel Springs not only offers a diverse curriculum, but our online classes allow students to schedule school around their extracurriculars. This becomes increasingly important for student-athletes, much like the ones enrolled at Saddlebook.

“Having AP classes through LSS is very helpful, as we have a limited number of classes we offer on our campus,” Herrera says. “The connection to the NCAA is also important, as our school population is comprised of student athletes. Additionally, LSS is fully accredited, which aligns with Saddlebrook Prep as well.”

The schedule of an elite athlete can easily include more than 20 hours of training a week. This level of involvement certainly would not jive with a typical brick-and-mortar school setting. This is where Laurel Springs and Saddlebrook shine. “The blended [Laurel Springs/Saddlebrook] program allows elite tennis players to leave the school campus for two class periods in the morning to receive additional tennis training with coaches.”

In addition to balancing school and sports, Laurel Springs courses match an elite academic level as well. “[LSS] provides AP courses we do not offer for students wanting a more rigorous schedule...and elective course options we do not currently offer on our campus.” Herrera added. 

Dedicated Support for All

A partnership with Laurel Springs not only benefits students, but the success of our partners is our success, too. A dedicated team collaborates with each partner, based on their specific needs, and is available to provide support when needed. Click here to learn more about our approach, and how a partnership with Laurel Springs School supports you every step of the way.