Is Your Child Ready? Pre-Algebra and Algebra Math Courses for Middle School Students


As the end of the school year approaches, you may be searching for a way to prevent potential learning loss over the summer. For many students across the United States, math proves to be a difficult subject to master. From algebra to geometry, it’s just not something that comes naturally to everybody. Help put your middle school student on the path to success by helping them build their confidence as they study their core subjects and consider math readiness courses for those students who need a leg up. 

Identifying Why Your Student May Be Struggling

External Factors

Any sudden events in a student's life can affect the way they learn. Recently, the COVID-19 pandemic ran the world off its course, and most schools had to find a way to transition from in-person to remote learning as quickly as possible.

As the traditional classroom went online, the school day that students previously experienced changed dramatically. Unfortunately, this change resulted in student learning losses in subjects like mathematics, leaving students at least five months behind in the subject.

Students Learn Differently

A subject might be your child’s least favorite simply because they're having difficulty with it! And that’s okay. Low performance on an exam or standardized test can be disheartening, and oftentimes, most curriculums aren't one-size-fits-all.

Your child may be more of a visual, hands-on, or auditory learner. Or maybe they simply need extra time to digest a subject. Their learning style is important, and being vigilant about your student's needs is the first step to estimating how much additional support they’ll require in a subject.

Too Much, Too Fast

We want to help students build literacy and problem-solving in their core subjects. Although, learning losses can occur even when there's no interruption to a child's school year.

Learning loss can happen when a curriculum is crammed. Before students can grasp the foundational material to succeed in the subject, students have to quickly move on to the next unit.

Without properly absorbing and comprehending the previous topic, students can find progress in the course (and subsequent courses) frustrating.

The Road to Building Confidence in Math

Students struggling with mathematics can feel discouraged. Our bright, resilient learners don't deserve to feel down on themselves just because of their academic performance.

With enough determination, we can help students master the foundational math skills they need to move forward to the next grade level with confidence!

Here are three ways to address any kind of learning loss:

Providing Extra Help

Bring up your concerns with your child's instructor to decipher what topics within the subject they're struggling with. You can also ask if there's after school programs or other supplemental courses that may help your child.

Getting a tutor outside of the classroom can also assist in addressing a student's needs.

Make Learning a Little More Fun

Let's face it--extra work isn't the most exciting thing for your student. However, there is a way to make learning just a bit more fun.

Instead of giving your students extra practice worksheets full of problems, try supplementing extra material with fun games. There are free online pre-algebra and algebra games on websites like and

Back to Basics

Every student benefits from knowing their core math skills before they reach the next level--whether they’re learning pre-algebra, algebra, and so forth, without a solid foundation, students may continue to have difficulties moving forward.

Going back to review previously learned material is helpful. A quick refresher of notes, old exams, and other study tools can help your student have an "Aha!" moment.

However, it's also helpful if students have the opportunity to take extra time to master the subject. A mastery-based course can aid your student in mastering, comprehending, and building confidence in a subject.

Online Math Readiness Courses for Middle Schoolers

Treat pandemic or summer learning loss this summer with Laurel Springs School's Pre-Algebra and Algebra Readiness courses for your middle schooler.

Laurel Springs is an accredited, private online school offering readiness math courses for middle schoolers this summer. These mastery-based, asynchronous courses will help your student prepare and build their academic confidence for the next school year.

Our readiness classes focus on creating the foundational skills needed for Pre-Algebra and Algebra and can also serve as a refresher course for students. This way, you can help your student build the foundation of knowledge needed for the fall, high school, and beyond!

Learn more about our summer program today.