Press Release: Laurel Springs School Launches Full Suite of Career-Focused Pathways for Upper School Students


WEST CHESTER, Pa., and OJAI, Calif.July 15, 2020 Laurel Springs School, a leading pioneer in online K-12 education, today launched a full suite of career-focused pathways for students in grades nine through 12 with the completion of its Find Your Drive program. Following two years of development around the school's core and elective curricular offerings, students can now pursue one of 11 expertly designed pathways and more than 30 specific jobs in their fields of choice.
Find Your Drive provides an academic roadmap for the following career tracks:

"We are an online school primarily focused on college prep, and the completion of the Find Your Drive program marks an exciting milestone for Laurel Springs: it will take us to the next level in terms of individualized academic planning and pragmatic counseling for our students," said Megan O'Reilly Palevich, M.Ed., Head of School at Laurel Springs.
The program allows students to explore courses, clubs, and other resources based on their personal interests and goals. Using a set of career and personality assessments, students work with their College Counselors to identify the careers best suited to each unique individual, with the Find Your Drive pathways providing an academic map for success in those careers.
"The more counselors can understand each student's unique talents and abilities, the better prepared they can be to help students find their own path to success," said Alyssa Polakowski, M.Ed., College and Alumni Relations Manager at Laurel Springs.
Since the program's initial launch in August 2019Laurel Springs students have already experienced success with the program, including rising senior Ellie Coleman of Midland, Mich. Coleman is currently following the Environmental Sciences pathway through Find Your Drive and plans to study science at Duke University in Durham, N.C., next fall.
"I have been interested in the Environmental Sciences, specifically Marine Science, since I was young, and Laurel Springs has helped foster this interest by providing classes to further my knowledge on the topic," Coleman said. "When I was 11 years old, I saw dolphins in the ocean for the first time, and I was fascinated by them and wanted to know how I could work with these animals and many others. I still have a great deal of time before I have to make any firm decisions on my future, so for now I will enjoy learning more about my passion and see where it takes me."
As of July, Laurel Springs offers an impressive 89 electives, 22 Advanced Placement (AP), and 23 honors courses, with many of those courses approved by the University of California a-g.
"At Laurel Springs, we encourage our students to pursue their passions and prepare them to make their aspirations a reality," said Palevich. "Find Your Drive will provide them with the academic framework they need to accomplish those goals through a combination of individualized counseling, targeted career pathways, and a suite of rich electives, honors, and AP courses."
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