Showcasing our Creative Community at the 2021 Maker Faire


On March 30th, over 20 students presented their innovative ideas, resourcefulness, and creativity to their classmates and Laurel Springs community during the 2021 Maker Faire. Student Ambassadors introduced each participant and asked them about their inspirations and motivations for their projects. From hydroponic growing and cookbook publishing to a variety of ingenious Rube Goldberg Machines, this was a Maker Faire to remember.

What Is a Maker Faire?

Deemed “the greatest show and tell on earth,” the Maker Faire combines art and science projects into one innovative festival. Students showcase their creations across a wide spectrum of categories including engineering, art, technology, food, philanthropy, and entrepreneurship.

Since 2005, “The Maker Movement” has been celebrated every year around the world. The goal is to inspire makers across all mediums to share their craft. Not only is it a way to practice and present a certain passion, but these experimental and presentation skills are also highly sought after by college and university boards. 

From a Passion to a Plan

During the virtual presentation, each Maker was asked about their experiences during the project planning process. Many talked about their curiosity about how something would work, the excitement of trial-and-error, and how their passion that inspired these projects reflects future career plans. For example, one Maker explored hydroponic farming and how this sustainable type of growing is leading her toward a career in agriculture.

A Creative Community

Not only does the Maker Faire offer students an opportunity to showcase their interests and talents, but it brings a virtual community together. As an online school, Laurel Springs is always looking for ways to connect students and provide social interaction. Whether they participated in the Faire or simply watched the recordings and browsed the project portal, Laurel Springs students could engage with each other and learn something about their peers, art and science, and the world.