Student Spotlight: Cameron Brown Picks a Dream Team


cameron brownHas anyone ever said they’ve had too many teachers? When it comes to education, the more the merrier, especially when they all add something of value. For Cameron Brown, she’s grateful for her team of teachers both in and out of school. Cameron’s dream team includes Laurel Springs, Hayutin and Associates, and her equestrian family. Soon she’ll be adding one more to the mix—her dream school, University of South Carolina. 

Ride of Her Life

When life revolves around riding horses, you’ve got a lot to pack in your saddle bag. When she’s not studying, Cameron is riding. “I am either at the barn riding my jumping horses or at my friends house riding my western horse! Luckily, most of my friends ride at the same barn I do so I get to see them every day!” Unfortunately, her brick-and-mortar school situation was not jiving with her busy schedule. Between training and competitions, there was little flexibility for keeping up with studying. She needed a solution that didn’t mean sacrificing her sport. 

Partnering with Pros

Like many students who struggle with a school schedule, Cameron and her family looked into alternative academic options. First, they found Hayutin and Associates, an organization that provides a variety of educational services from tutoring and test prep to executive function coaching and education therapy.

“I have been working with Hayutin and Associates for a year now! They have helped me learn so much about myself as a learner. They have taught me many ways to set myself up for success and what kind of learner I am. Hayutin has given me the confidence and support I need to be successful in school and riding. I have been fortunate enough to develop great relationships with the individuals from Hayutin that support me. I am so grateful for Hayutin and everything they do for me that has helped me get to where I am now!”

One of those supportive individuals is Maya Varga, Director of Hayutin. Together they discovered that what Cameron really needed was a more flexible school environment that could cater to her educational and extracurricular needs. Cameron needed Laurel Springs. “Cam was already a hardworking student before Laurel Springs,” Varga says. “The traditional brick-and-mortar setting was not conducive to the heavy demands of training and competition. The move to Laurel Springs opened up more doors for Cameron as she pursued college and rewarded her academically for the hard work she was putting in.” 

A New Academic Journey

Once Cameron was enrolled in Laurel Springs, it wasn’t long before she began to uncover her full potential. “My experience at Laurel Springs has been nothing but positive! I have learned so much and been able to take such interesting courses...I have found success in all my classes without having to sacrifice my competitive sport.” Not only is Cameron excelling in her virtual classroom, she’s also strengthening vital everyday skills. “Laurel Springs has taught me many lessons outside of the classroom. I have learned time management, self advocacy, responsibility, and developed a strong work ethic—all things that will serve me well in college and life overall.”

Riding into the Sunset

Speaking of college, Cameron is on track to fulfilling another academic goal: attending the University of South Carolina. “I chose USC because not only did the riding team feel like a family, but the entire school has a family feel. Everyone is so welcoming and kind. USC has an amazing riding team, which, of course, was a huge factor in my decision.” That’s right, because now Cameron is fully aware that she can succeed in both school and riding. 

College comes with its own set of challenges. One is moving away from home. Luckily, Cameron had this in mind when she chose USC as well. “I fell in love with the town, Columbia. It reminds me a lot of my home town, which I think will help in my adjustment to moving across the country!” As she prepares for this next chapter—she’s majoring in Public Relations—Cameron is sure to run into other bumps along the way. But with the support of her growing team of teachers, Cameron has confidence in her corner. 


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