Student Spotlight: Jack Corbin, Entertainment and Performing Arts


Following a career path is a lot like following sheet music. There are ups and downs, other factors may come into play, but picking the right notes often leads to a harmonious experience. Or, at least it has so far for Laurel Springs junior, Jack Corbin.

A Class Act

Music NotesBeing a singer and guitar player, Jack writes and produces across a variety of musical genres. Not only does he perform music throughout New York, but he has also acted for television and off-Broadway productions. As for his performance in school, it wasn’t always easy.
Traveling to and from the city up to four times a week took a toll on his education, especially with teachers who were not exactly understanding of his extracurricular pursuits. “It easily became more and more clear that traditional school just wouldn’t work with my career choice. The search for alternatives began when Jack entered seventh grade. “My parents and I found Laurel Springs and were astounded by the colleges people were able to get into after learning from this program.” With a more flexible schedule and ability to choose the class level, Jack prospered and was inducted in the National Honor Society after ninth grade. 

Setting Course for the Future

GuitarJack has chosen to follow the Laurel Springs Entertainment and Performing Arts pathway, which is designed to guide him through a variety of courses fit to his particular strengths and interests. “The material is manageable, the workload is substantial but isn’t too heavy, and the way the learning style works lets me plan my days out however I’d like.”
The flexibility of the Find Your Drive program allows students like Jack to continue pursuing their interests outside of school, while still maintaining their studies. While the coursework involves student-centered learning, a dedicated team of teachers is also available to help along the way. “Even if I needed help with work, I could simply reach out to the teachers in the class, and they would take the time to explain concepts I got wrong or had trouble understanding.”
Unlike other programs, Find Your Drive enriches student career goals by offering classes related to their desired line of work. “Laurel Springs has completely changed and shaped my experience with music, the performing arts, and my life overall. It let me spend more time perfecting my work, and I was able to plan lessons and performances with a flexible schedule. I could schedule a voice lesson right before an audition involving singing, so I would be in the best vocal condition possible before the audition. I could [also] schedule a time to work on songwriting. Basically, I could plan my day however I wanted and fill in the gaps with schoolwork, allowing me to pursue my career while maintaining a great education.”

The Next Leg of the Journey

With a wealth of online learning experience in his repertoire, Jack is participating in Berklee’s online music program. During downtime, he plans to continue writing music, collaborating with other musicians, recording, and producing. While college plans won’t officially be underway until next year, Jack hopes to enroll at either Berklee College of Music / Boston Conservatory, NYU, or Belmont University. “With my remaining year before college, I’m trying my best to do as much as I can regarding music and performing arts. I’ve already planned out my classes for Laurel Springs next year, and I’m looking forward to a new school year.”