Student Spotlight: Lauren Kropp Designs her Future


lauren kroppNot only is Laurel Springs recognized as one of the best online private schools in the nation, but we also have a reputation for preparing students for some of the top-ranking colleges and universities in the country. From supportive college counseling to a rigorous curriculum, those who graduate from LSS do so with the tools they need to exceed expectations at any school they choose. So, it’s no surprise when we receive word about these coveted college acceptance letters arriving. 

Laurel Springs 12th grader, Lauren Kropp, just received her letter from FIDM, Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Los Angeles. Here she shares her story about why she chose this school and how Laurel Springs helped her get this far. 

Small Town, Big Dreams

Lauren Leigh Kropp may live in a small town in Northwest Indiana, but she discovered she was starting to outgrow it. “Before I started attending Laurel Springs I was at my local public school and was having trouble discovering my real interests. I did find an elective class called Graphic Design and really fell in love with it. I slowly started to grow my confidence and my own form of expression in this class.” Even after the class was over, Lauren continued honing her design skills on her own—an early indication that this was something worth pursuing. 

As her love for design blossomed, Lauren realized she had the potential to succeed in all of her other classes. It just wasn’t happening in her current situation. So, her family decided to look into online schooling options and found Laurel Springs. “My outlook on school will be forever changed. I have found myself and my way of learning through Laurel Springs flexible agenda and assistance from staff. It has shaped my life in ways I never thought possible, I have grown to learn so much not just in school but life skills i will use for the rest of my educational career.”

Designing the Future

When it was time to start planning the trajectory of her educational career, Lauren knew she needed to break from her small town bubble. “Before deciding to choose FIDM I knew I wanted to go to a school in California seeing as it is one of the most creative places to be.” Her love for graphic design played a major role in this decision. “I knew since I stepped into the classroom this was something I wanted to pursue. So when I heard of FIDM and their Graphic Design program I looked further into it.” 

The process that followed consisted of daily chats with an admissions adviser, creating a design portfolio, submitting an application, and then the anticipation for the final call. But for Lauren, all the work was worth it and paid off in the end. Now, the waiting period is more exciting. “I cannot wait to attend FIDM in fall of 2021!”