Student Spotlight: Travis Goodrich Has His Head in the Games


After catching up with David Goodrich about his family’s decision to enroll in Laurel Springs, we learned his youngest son, Travis, is not only a LSS student but a leading eSports gamer! While many parents may be trying to find alternatives to their children’s video game habits, David and Travis hope it will lead to professional opportunities and college scholarships. Player 1 isn’t only ready, he’s serious about this emerging sport.

More than Fun & Games

Growing up in California’s Napa Valley, Travis Goodrich played many things including sports, violin, and video games. Of all his interests, he was surprised to discover that gaming had professional potential! Now he’s fully invested in pursuing this long-time passion. “Ever since I first participated in eSports, I fell in love with the games, the people as well as the environment. I am very lucky to have found success and maintained a global group of college coaches, professionals, friends and acquaintances. I have aspirations to play at the highest level possible, positively impacting myself and my university.”

Even though Travis has a few more years to log at Laurel Springs, he doesn’t pass up a college opportunity when it comes along. “We took my brother to college at Boise State University and I was able to meet the Director of the eSports program who outlined the opportunities for my Dad and I.” Until he’s ready to take the next step in his education, Travis is focusing on advancing to the next level of eSports.

Finding the Fun in Flexibility

As a Laurel Springs student, Travis has the flexibility to study around his eSport schedule. “The experience has been amazing. Online high school combined with eSports has greatly expanded my time management skills, focused my goal setting and commitment to the process as well as offered multiple valuable teamwork opportunities.” All of these skills are sure to gain points in many facets of life, whether in the game world or the real world. 

As for any future plays, Travis is yet to start “the process of narrowing down my interests and/or deciding on my major...That being said, it will likely be a diverse institution as my interests span from music to computer science to culinary arts.” With the experience and skills gained from Laurel Springs, it should be easy for Travis to level up in any area of his life. 

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