Teacher Spotlight: Cory Flagg on Finding the Right Path


Cory FlaggHow does one choose what they want to be? With so many interests and career options, the decision may be daunting, but also exciting. Take grade 5 teacher Cory Flagg. She loves to read, bake, hike, travel, and explore the wonders of the ocean. She could have chosen to be a Marine Biologist. So what led her on the path to teaching? She took some time to tell us.

The Road to Teaching

Cory Flagg’s teaching career started well before college. Her love of children led to a lucrative babysitting business and party planner for kid-friendly neighborhood events. It was only natural that she’d choose to major in education. With 15 years of experience so far—eight online and over three with Laurel Springs—it’s safe to say she chose the right path. It also helps when one of your good friends, Bridget Schleifer, already works for an excellent school and encourages you to apply. 

Guiding Students on Their Journey

Now that Cory has found her path, she’s made it a mission to help students navigate theirs online. “I love working with families in an educational path that is constantly growing and changing,” she says. The online platform also gives Cory the flexibility to work from home and be with her daughter, two things that made this decision even easier.

Keeping students engaged is a common concern for many new families looking into online school. So how does Cory do it? “I teach iClasses that are hands-on and engaging, I communicate frequently, and I make sure to monitor [students] to make sure they are making progress.” Like many Laurel Springs teachers, Cory also offers daily office hours to connect with her class and regularly keeps the lines of communication open to keep everyone on track.

Lessons to Love and Live By

Out of all the subjects Cory teaches, one she looks forward to the most is science. “I LOVE to teach science experiments...My monthly iClass session is ‘The Science Behind....’ and we do an experiment together and they learn the science behind what they are doing.”

In addition to delving deeper into science, Cory hopes her students will work hard in anything they do. “You get out of it what you put into it,” she says. It’s a life lesson she tries to weave into her class curriculum. It’s also something that she encourages parents to remember, especially if they’re new to distance learning. “Ask as many questions as you need to ask, because we would rather you ask than continue to wonder and worry! There is no such thing as a question too small.”

Cory is not only open to regular communication with her class, but with parents as well. “Build a relationship with your child's teacher. We are a team, and it is important that we are all on the same page.” While navigating a new path may be tricky, Cory is ready to help guide students and their families along the way.


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