Teacher Spotlight: Kathryn Glasgow Find a Home Within Her Home


Kathryn GlasgowFrom college counseling services and real-time school events and clubs, to one-on-one relationships with teachers, Laurel Springs combines the benefits of a traditional school with the flexibility of online learning. This makes Laurel Springs an ideal academic home for many families across the globe. It also creates a special niche for caring and talented faculty who love teaching in an online space.

Fifth grade teacher, Kathryn Glasgow, has two homes: sunny Arizona and Laurel Springs. While she raises two daughters in her childhood neighborhood, she educates students in all subject matters online, and she wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Home Within a Home

After graduating Summa Cum Laude from Arizona State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education, Kathryn started teaching in a brick-and mortar-school. Six years later, she decided to research online schools, and that’s how she discovered Laurel Springs. “I was so impressed with what was being offered, I had to jump in and join the team.” It’s been eight years so far, and Kathryn isn’t looking back. “I am so happy with online teaching that I feel I have found my home here. Laurel Springs is the place for me!”

Connecting at a Distance

With 15 years of teaching experience, it’s safe to say that Kathryn is passionate about what she does. In addition to running, crafting, decorating, and traveling, teaching is at the top of her list of favorite things to do. “The best parts about teaching online are the wide variety of families I get to interact with and the flexibility distance learning offers.”

Kathryn is able to close the distance gap by keeping the lines of communication open. “I try to engage my students with personalized feedback and newsletters that help us develop a virtual connection.” As part of each student’s support system, she takes her responsibilities seriously. “I support my students with prompt feedback and email communication replies, while also trying to include extra resources for practice and extension.”

So, not only is Laurel Springs a nurturing place for students to grow and learn, but it’s also an ideal home for teachers looking to share their passion for guiding the process in an engaging environment. 


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