The Art of Creative Expression


artMonet, da Vinci, Warhol...if these names spark interest and inspiration in your soul, congratulations, you’re an art lover! Art is not only a form of creative expression, it’s an emotional outlet, an everyday escape, and a way to expand horizons through a variety of mediums. Whether painting with oils, sculpting with clay, or designing with fabric, art explores the world of color, texture, line, and perspective in a way that’s subjective yet relatable. 

Art Lovers Unite

Laurel Springs students in grades 7-12 who have a passion for art have the opportunity to join the Art Club. This student-led group of aspiring artists discuss a wide range of art forms, including photography, architecture, woodworking, claymation, line drawing, sand, and costume. Contemporary artists are introduced and discussed, and members are encouraged to interact and share their current projects during virtual meetings. 

Randy Tenan-Snow is currently the Art Club advisor, a title held for the last 10 years. “I chose to become an advisor because a colleague of mine was considering advising the club...we co-advised for several years before she left Laurel Springs.” During club meetings, art is shared through PowerPoint or Google slide presentations in Adobe Classroom. “The student advisor holds polls and we determine a theme for the upcoming month. We also choose someone to either hold a tutorial or share an art presentation. Students eagerly ask questions and love to share.”

Making it Count

Those Laurel Springs students ready to tap into their sense of creativity are invited to submit a project to the 2021 Maker Faire. Since 2005, “The Maker Movement” has been celebrated every year around the world. The goal is to inspire innovation across all mediums, so this event is open to artists, scientists, DIY enthusiasts, and any full-time LSS student who has something they’d like to make and share.

For those interested in sharing their interests and passions year-round, all full-time students also have a wide variety of clubs to choose from. Whether they’re passionate about art, science, and everything in between, there’s a wide variety of choices for every grade level. Hopefully the upcoming Maker Faire on March 30 sparks the inspiration for multiple creative projects and the motivation to look into all the clubs LSS offers. Contact to learn more about the Maker Faire and what clubs are available to join.