What It Means to Be a Remote Student


    Remote StudentWhen you hear the word “remote,” ideas of something distant and isolated often emerge. Unfortunately, this is not something a remote student needs to succeed. In fact, students who are connected to their studies and collaborate with their peers and teachers are more likely to thrive. And so this is the environment Laurel Springs brings to online schooling. 

    What Works For You

    A day in the life of a Laurel Springs student begins...whenever it works for them. While there are a few programs with scheduled times for live instruction, students mostly learn through an online platform where they can access course material first thing in the morning, in between dance classes, after the big game, whenever is most convenient. One day could consist of catching up on language arts reading, while the next could be fully dedicated to a science project. There’s no set time to sit and listen to a teacher talk about grammar rules or historic events. However, there is a teacher that’s just as dedicated to seeing the student learn and grow. This teacher is still available to answer questions, provide feedback, and inspire students to reach their full potential. Teachers are joined by a team of counselors, coaches, and club leaders with a common goal: see the students succeed. The only difference is this stellar staff could be anywhere in the world. But they're still just a phone call, text, email, or message away. 

    Apart but Together

    Not only does the student have the Laurel Springs staff in their online world, but an entire community of other students just like them— waiting to connect. If there can be social media to share memes and videos online, there’s certainly space for clubs and chat rooms for students to socialize, collaborate, and motivate each other. Various Laurel Springs clubs foster relationships between students with a wide range of interests. There’s even a portal where current students and parents can connect. Also, there's an alumni portal that helps keep graduates up to date with what’s new in each other’s lives. All of this helps to alleviate any feelings of isolation.

    A Likely Candidate for Higher Learning

    Just because remote students never enter a physical classroom doesn’t mean they can never do so in the future. In fact, many Laurel Springs students graduate and continue their education at some of the most prestigious universities in the world. Plus, when a Laurel Springs student receives a diploma, it comes with the experience of efficiently managing time, building self-reliance skills, and taking charge of their education to fit their needs in order to meet their goals. 

    So what does it mean to be a remote student? If you’re a Laurel Springs student, you’re learning in a way that fits into your own life. You have support from a large community. And you have the potential to reach those big-picture goals no matter how high the bar.