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We are proud of our highly diverse community who live throughout the United States and in more than 100 countries around the world. Our students choose Laurel Springs School for a variety of reasons, ranging from sports to advanced academics, and more. Explore their stories below.

Student Profiles

Connor Couture
11th Grade
Brett Cooper
10th Grade
Erin Smith
12th Grade
Vinayak Graves
7th Grade
Lara Johannson
9th Grade
Steele Johnson
11th Grade
William Burger
Xth Grade
Oliviana Griep
Xth Grade
Alexander Burkhart
Xth Grade

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Student Stories
May 25, 2021

Summer boasts the most amazing resource of all for students – time! Time that can be used to bolster an academic transcript, take a single course to explore an area of study, or, like Eres and Mia, get ahead and avoid overload as they pursue their dreams. Be prepared to be inspired!

Student Stories
May 13, 2021

Mia Hanflig’s first love is ballet. At Laurel Springs, she has found a harmonious balance between a rigorous education and her pursuit of a career in professional ballet. Read Mia’s story then tell us with one emoji – what is your dream career?

Student Stories
March 08, 2021

Say you’re doing volunteer work, and you’re scheduled to speak at a school about the organization, but you still have to go to school. What do you do? If you’re Francesca Acampora, you enroll in…

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