A Day in the Life of LSS Alumna, Kate Martin


Between AP classes, tennis tournaments, and a long list of extracurriculars, if you think Laurel Springs alumna, Kate Martin was busy before, well, not much has changed. As a sophomore at the University of Arizona, she’s a triple major in Finance, Law, and History while interning, tutoring, and leading multiple student organizations. With all she has going on, Kate was still excited to takeover the Laurel Springs Instagram for a day and give us a peek into her life. Spoiler Alert: it was packed with activity. 

A Typical Morning with Kate Martin

Kate MartinIt’s anything but typical. While Kate still takes time for the most important meal of the day, it’s fit in between job interviews, tutoring student athletes, club meetings, classes, and more. Since she was a Laurel Springs student from 8th to 12th grade, Kate is used to balancing her school and work life. She’s also used to excelling at both. She talked to us about her favorite LSS class (World History), all the AP classes she took, and how both prepared her for where she is today. 

During her IG takeover, she also helped to calm some fears about how online school prepares one for college. “I would say I felt very well prepared by Laurel Springs for college. I took a lot of challenging courses at LSS and I really had to learn a lot of self-discipline and determination to finish all my classes on time and get good grades. So I think the skills you learn at Laurel Springs are transferable.” This self-discipline is also credited for helping to balance her hectic schedule. 

Balancing the Busy

Amidst all the craziness, Kate prioritizes much-needed breaks—preferably outdoors. “I work a lot sitting at the same table, so I really want to touch on the importance of going outside and making time for yourself with a very busy schedule in an online school...When you do that you come back rejuvenated and full of energy, which is great.” Consider this an inside tip that even those who thrive with a packed schedule need to make time to decompress. 

Part of the Club

Another tip Kate was happy to share was to encourage LSS students to join one of the many LSS clubs. Of course Kate was a member of a few, including Student Government. She also made a point to say that the online LSS club experience is very similar to online college clubs. While meeting guidelines may change in the future, both experiences are sure to continue to be a way to connect with students who share interests and motivate them to pursue a certain passion. 

Calling it a Day

How does one round out a jam-packed day? More meetings, homework, emails, and dinner. Kate finishes out her takeover with flair and makes multitasking look marvelous. To view Kate’s full Instagram appearance, check out the video on YouTube or follow Laurel Springs’ feed.