Laurel Springs School Counselor, Lauren Kissinger: Time Management


Time ManagementAccording to a recent research study conducted by Challenge Success, a nonprofit affiliated with the Stanford University Graduate School of Education, time management is a “major source of stress” for more than half of the teenagers who were surveyed. Laurel Springs School’s college counselors specialize in one-on-one consultations with students and their families about time management and other common issues for today’s teens.

Spotlight on LSS Counselor, Lauren Kissinger

Lauren Kissinger, a college counselor at Laurel Springs, is highly skilled in providing advice about time management and debunked a common myth about online school programs. “There’s a common misconception that online school is a lot easier than traditional school. However, we don’t give participation grades. Students actually need to do the work, and I set that expectation from the start. That said, I walk students through the ways they can navigate the Learning Management System, and how to interact with their teachers.” 

Lauren Kissinger

“Time management is one of the most common things I talk to students about,” Kissinger said, “especially those newer students who are new to online school and a less structured environment. As a part of my initial welcome for the students I serve, I try to schedule time to meet with each new student on an individual basis. It’s understandable if students are confused or prone to getting behind if they are new to online school.”
Kissinger uses these introductory meetings with students and their families to walk through the wide range of resources that are available at Laurel Springs. She understands that “this approach to school is entirely new for students who have been sitting in a classroom with a teacher holding them accountable, until the bell rings and they’re off to the next class. At LSS, students can create their weekly and daily schedule, which sounds awesome—but many students don’t know where to start.”

Setting up for Success

That’s where Kissinger is ready to help. “I encourage my students to set up a workspace where they can really focus,” she said. “I start there, then we talk about how to set up a schedule that works for them. Students can concentrate on two or three courses per day if that works for them, rather than doing all of their courses every day,” Kissinger said. “I encourage students to create their own daily schedule that will be the most conducive to their learning style.”
When it comes to time management, Kissinger said, “I encourage students to create a schedule and stick to it for at least a week or two before making changes to it.”
“Part of the beauty of Laurel Springs is that it’s all in your hands,” Kissinger emphasized. If your student would benefit from a personalized approach to online learning with the caring support of college counselors like Laura Kissinger, reach out to the Laurel Springs admissions office to learn about the enrollment process.