K-12 Online Courses: Laurel Springs School's Course Offerings


While every parent wants their child to excel in core subjects like math, social studies, science, and literature, having a diverse selection of courses gives students the opportunity to learn and explore subjects they're truly passionate about.

Laurel Springs School's online self-paced, mastery-based curriculum offers a plethora of courses to choose from. Ranging from college prep, AP, honors, and electives, these courses are enriching for a student's academic journey, empowering them to become life-long learners and develop the knowledge and skills pertinent to their post-graduate plans.

Let's jump into an overview of Laurel Springs's diverse course offerings.

College prep, AP, honors, world language, and more

For college-bound students requiring an academically rigorous curriculum, Laurel Springs's robust program of study includes 250+ college prep, 60+ honors and AP, 60+ world language, and 165+ NCAA-approved courses. Families can get an in-depth look at our self-paced, mastery-based courses by exploring our academics.

Elective courses

We offer a wide variety of elective courses for middle schoolers and high schoolers. Our elective online courses equip learners with the foundational skills to pursue a potential career path or simply dabble in a new hobby. 

Students who are interested in career development can learn more about industries like business, healthcare, food, tech, social sciences, and more. The following courses are just a handful of the many options Laurel Springs students have.

Middle School electives


Digital literacy is important for students interested in pursuing a feature tech career. Laurel Springs offers technology and computer science electives through courses like Digital Citizenship, Exploring Information Technology, and Coding. 

Featured course: Game Design 

Avid gamers can take Game Design 1A and 1B to design their very own game from the ground up. Upon completion of their first semester in the course, students will have designed a video game from scratch. Furthermore, students will learn to prototype, troubleshoot, test games, and even critique and advertise video games in their second semester.


Middle schoolers can spur their creativity with courses like 2D Studio Art, Digital Art & Design, Exploring Music, and Journalism. There’s nothing like getting the creative flow going, so take a course to see what you can create.

Featured course: Photography

Interested in snapping the best picture for social media? The Photography elective at Laurel Springs teaches students the best practices for taking a photo. Learn about cameras, lighting, angles, editing, and more in Photography 1A and 1B.


Laurel Springs microcourses are fun and unique three-week-long courses for middle schoolers. At the end of the final week, students demonstrate their developed knowledge with a final project. 

Featured microcourse: MS Astounding Architecture

For example, MS Astounding Architecture teaches students architectural design and trends, particularly highlighting the tiny home movement. At the end of the course, students create sketches of their own tiny homes.

And there's more where that came from! Explore our Middle School course catalog for more courses and information.

Upper School electives


Do you plan to be strictly business in the workplace? Laurel Springs has you covered. Take Sports & Entertainment Marketing, Principles of Business, Marketing & Finance, Advertising & Sales Promotion, or learn how to start your own business in Entrepreneurship.

Featured course: Entrepreneurship 1A and 1B

The Entrepreneurship elective teaches upper school students how to transform their business ideas into reality; they’ll learn business operations, laws, finances, and more to put their business on the path to success!


Upper school students can partake in all kinds of design. We offer courses covering game design, interior design, animation, and even web design.

Featured courses: Fashion Design

For fashionistas, Fashion Design is a semester-long class covering the trends and technology in the fashion industry. Laurel Springs students who take this course also join our fashion club to collaborate with their peers and talk about the latest trends.

Life and career

We offer electives to teach students not only career skills but life-long skills. For example, we offer Real World Parenting, Public Speaking, and even Foundations in Personal Finance. We also have electives covering archeology, anthropology, criminal justice, forensic science, nursing, veterinary science, and plenty more. 

Featured course: Culinary Arts

Culinary Arts teaches students about food safety, preparation, knife skills, and food culture. So whether they want to learn more about cooking, baking, or become a world-renowned chef, they’ll have imperative cooking skills under their belt. 

Discover even more Upper School courses when you explore Laurel Springs.

Take an online course

Whether you’re looking to learn something new or add to your course schedule, you can rely on Laurel Springs School’s self-paced, mastery-based online school to help you learn on your terms.

Take a single course or explore our academics to tap into the limitless learning opportunities at Laurel Springs.