Earn credits and enjoy the flexibility of an online course at Laurel Springs. Our course offerings feature common academic, world language, and elective courses, as well as college prep, AP, honors, and UC a-g approved courses for high schoolers.
Laurel Springs Single Courses are available online all year long!

Online Course Benefits

Our single courses allow students to earn credits as they supplement their current curriculum. With our individual courses, students can expand their academic portfolio, work towards graduating early, and take courses unavailable at their current school or homeschool program.

All of our individual courses are self-paced and mastery-based, allowing students to fit coursework within their current schedule. Furthermore, students receive support from world-class teachers to ensure academic success.

The Academy at Laurel Springs is an exclusive college-prep program for distinguished scholars in grades 6-12
What We Offer

Our accredited curriculum fosters curiosity

We offer a broad and diverse curriculum that facilitates each student's educational path and pace, inspiring personal and academic growth.

How does single course enrollment work?

To enroll in a course, students must meet prerequisites, verify scope and sequence, and obtain your school’s approval to receive credit. The student’s primary school is responsible for maintaining student records and updating transcripts to reflect courses completed through Laurel Springs School. The Laurel Springs Registrar can forward the official transcript of all courses completed through our program upon request.

  • 1

    Browse our school catalogs.

  • 2

    Contact an Admissions Coordinator to begin single-course enrollment.

    Contact us at (866) 476-8085 or online to enroll your child in selected courses.

  • 3

    Complete the billing process to reserve your course(s).

    Due upon enrollment is a one-time, nonrefundable $150 application fee per student.
  • 4

    Pick a start date.

    Families can choose a start date as early as five days after paying for their single course(s).