Student Spotlight: Madison Yeung and Her Dream School


Receiving a college acceptance notice is more than just a letter. It’s validation that all of your hard work has paid off—both in high school and simply getting through the college application process. The joy is even greater when this letter comes from your “dream” school. The one that not only satisfies your academic goals, but the one you feel will set you on the right path in life. 

Laurel Springs has a reputation for preparing students to get into these dream schools. From personalized college counseling to rigorous classes, those who graduate from LSS do so with the tools they need to exceed expectations at any school they choose. So, it’s no surprise that we’re starting to hear about these coveted college acceptance letters arriving. 

The Early Bird Gets the Word

Academy at Laurel Springs student, Madison Yeung is one recipient of such a letter. “On December 11th, I received my acceptance letter from Stanford after applying under the restricted early action!” As one of the top ranking schools in the nation, Stanford University is on the top of many prospective student lists. “Stanford has always been my dream college, but the programs and community there were strong factors in that decision.” Now that one major decision has been made, Madison can focus on the next phase—choosing a major. “I'm still undecided in what I plan on majoring in, but the realm of psychology and business have always sparked an interest in me.”

Doing the Happy Dance

Another subject that has sparked an interest since Madison was three is dance. Her passion led to pursuing ballet full-time by the time she turned 13. “I'm a dancer currently attending a pre-professional ballet school called Ellison Ballet, located in New York City. This really is my main focus and takes up most of my time when I'm not doing schoolwork. But I do enjoy spending time with my friends and exploring all there is to see in the city.”

Even with a full day of dance, Madison keeps up with a challenging Academy curriculum, but she wouldn’t have it any other way. “Though my agenda can be quite busy at times, the things I've learned and the training I've received at Ellison Ballet has definitely made it worth it...I couldn’t have pursued my passion as a full-time ballet dancer without Laurel Springs, and will always be grateful for the support from my teachers and counselors!”

As an online school, Laurel Springs provides students like Madison the flexibility to set their own schedule and explore opportunities outside of the classroom. “Laurel Springs has really given me the freedom and opportunity to dance much more while still maintaining the education I've always wanted. The teachers, counselors, and staff have always been supportive in helping me navigate and manage my academic life.” This support not only put Madison on the right track for graduation, but it helped clinch the college acceptance of her dreams.