Support Your Performing Artist: From Out of the Classroom to In Class


Creativity contributes to innovation, determination, and overall growth in young minds. Cultivating creativity and encouraging it within children is important. So, whether your child aspires to audition for Broadway in New York, become a future Oscar winner in Los Angeles, or trend on social media across the United States, you can support your performing artist on their creative journey to success.

Like with any career, with big dreams come big responsibilities, so your creative student might need a helping hand to get their start. Luckily, there are some helpful tips you can follow to support your aspiring performing artist and encourage their love of the arts.

Encourage your creativity at home for your performing artist

Creativity allows children to become avid problem-solvers and encourages them to think out of the box. It’s important to nurture their creative mind at a young age to promote their self-expression.

Before your performer takes center stage, you can provide them the freedom and space to create at home! That can look like a lot of different things. For artists, consider supplying them with art supplies and canvases; for dancers, you can create a space in the house for them to dance; for aspiring child actors, help them practice monologues or study scripts; and for your aspiring influencer, you can help manage their accounts across all their social channels.

Providing your child the space and time to pursue their interests is just the start to building their confidence as a performer and an individual.

Get help from the experts

You may not be the most creative person yourself–and that’s okay. Community classes, talent agencies, and creative programs can help your child learn from artistic professionals in the field they want to be in. 

Local Programs

The best place to start nurturing your talented performer's love of the arts is in your local community.  Perhaps your local community center offers art classes, or maybe there's a local dance studio nearby. Doing a little research on different artistic centers and classes can help your child start learning, refining, and mastering their creative skills so they can achieve their dream.

Talent Agencies

Once your child starts navigating through performing arts, you may want to look into getting them into an agency. If your child wants to be on programs like Disney Channel or Nickelodeon, a talent agency is a great way to start! 

A talent agency's role is to help find work and roles for child actors, actresses, dancers, musicians, models, and more. For example, an acting agency will help your child schedule an audition, and if they land it, set fair terms and conditions for the role. Therefore, talent agencies can pair your child with the right opportunities. 

Performing Artist Academies

If your child has been practicing their craft from a young age, there are performance art programs available to help them fine-tune their skills. For instance, if your child has been performing and taking lessons since they were five years old, you may consider enrolling them in a performing arts program.

Most academies have a competitive audition process, but they can be an additional pathway to help your student pursue a career in the arts.

Fostering the love of performing arts in any school

The arts in education aid in creating leaders and confident students. Celebrate your child's passions and encourage them to take music, art, dance, or other creative electives in school. They can even perform in an upcoming school talent showcase, or take initiative to start or join a club where they can meet and socialize with like-minded peers.

By the time your star reaches high school, they're putting in a lot of hard work as they hone their craft, juggle courses, and figure out their plans for after graduation. Their education is important, and while they may be busy performers, there’s always a way to ensure both their education and passions can co-exist. 

Nonetheless, there are numerous ways to support your young performing artist. At Laurel Springs School, our artistic students create their own school schedule so they can receive an accredited, online education and pursue their interests. Some of our students are influencers, ballerinas, actors, violinists, and more.

We invite you to explore the variety of students who thrive here and attend a virtual open house to learn more about how our online education helps young creative minds reach their academic and personal goals.