Who Thrives at Laurel Springs

Students at Laurel Springs represent all 50 states and more than 100 countries. Laurel Springs provides the flexibility to pursue your interests and passions while receiving a premier, college-prep education.

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Laurel Springs has long been considered the preferred online school for Olympic and college-bound student-athletes who seek flexibility and a college-prep experience as they continue their training. Given the high academic expectations associated with NCAA approval, Laurel Springs can assist with academic planning for students who wish to pursue athletics at Division 1 or II colleges.



Tyler Downs

Alumni, Olympic Diver
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Accelerated Learners

Academically talented and driven students thrive in a challenging environment. Our classes and coursework options encourage students to discover, explore, and grow at their own pace, developing their intrinsic motivation to achieve academic and extracurricular success. Our college-preparatory program ensures students are ready for post-secondary education at their chosen colleges and universities with a wide selection of honors and AP programs.

STEM Students

We offer STEM-focused advanced placement and honors courses available in an online setting. Using our virtual learning management system, STEM-interested students can experience the thrill of experimenting on their schedule, focusing on STEM fields to help spark their interests and passions.



Cassandra Potier Watkins

Alumni, Cognitive Science Researcher
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Performing Artists

Laurel Springs works with professional actors, musicians, dancers, and other performers. We work with students, their parents, advisors, and tutors to ensure our student performers receive a quality college-prep education while pursuing their ambitions as individuals and as ensemble members.



Geneviève Basu

Alumni, Professional Ballerina
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International Students

Laurel Springs offers international students and families living abroad the highest quality internationally recognized education no matter where they live. Our international families appreciate the continuity in learning Laurel Springs provides regardless of where their travels take them. Laurel Springs' approach to academics means we can adapt to challenges arising from time zone changes, relocation needs, and evolving student goals.

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