Top Online School for Performing Artists

    Give your acting or performing arts student the freedom to rehearse, audition, and perform with Laurel Springs School’s top-tier, flexible online education. For more than 30 years, we’ve supported dancers, actors, theater kids, and more creatives on their artistic journey to success.

    Empowering performing artists to shoot for the stars

    • Flexible scheduling

      Laurel Springs allows performing art students to start school at almost any date throughout the school year.
    • School from anywhere

      With 24/7 access to their classroom, performing artists can complete schoolwork anywhere their creativity takes them.
    • School-life balance

      With asynchronous courses, your performing artist can balance their coursework allowing them to thrive on and off the stage.

    Education as Flexible As Your Star

    When our Founder, Marilyn Mosley Gordanier, retired her ballet slippers during the prime of her dance career to focus on her education, a new dream was born. One in which she vowed to one day create an educational option allowing students to receive high-quality education while providing the opportunity to pursue outside passions, goals, and careers.

    In 1991, her dream became a reality. Laurel Springs School shifted the paradigm of education from educating en masse, to prioritizing for the needs of individual students. Students no longer needed to limit their learning environment to 8 am to 3 pm inside four walls. Our self-paced model allows students to learn—and thrive—from anywhere in the world.

    Laurel Springs founder Marilyn Mosley Gordanier

    Supportive faculty

    Performing artists at Laurel Springs are supported by highly qualified, caring teachers and counselors. Laurel Springs teachers provide one-on-one personalized feedback, offer office hours, and maintain an open dialogue with students and their families. Furthermore, our counselors provide students with grade-level specific resources and counseling sessions, helping your aspiring artist with college and career planning, goal-setting, decision-making, and self-advocacy.
    Laurel Springs students are supported by highly qualified, caring teachers and counselors.

    Stimulating academics

    Your performing artist is driven, striving for success and excellence in academics and in their craft. Laurel Springs's rigorous, robust curriculum provides an opportunity for students to explore their passions in tandem with their talents. With a wide selection of electives, college prep, AP, honors, and world language courses, performing art students can spur their creativity, find a new hobby, and prepare for admission at their first-choice college.
    Laurel Springs's rigorous, robust curriculum provides an opportunity for students to explore their passions in tandem with their talents.

    An Academy that empowers inquisitive learners

    The Academy at Laurel Springs provides students with a unique learning experience centered around their interests and passions. Full of community and opportunity, our program features interactive and exclusive learning experiences like the Academy Lounge, a virtual weekly hangout for students and their peers; the Symposium, a discussion-based course with expert guest speakers; and a Yearly Seminar, a course aiding students in planning and achieving their postgraduate goals.

    The Academy also features 30+ stimulating live Workshop classes and one-on-one guidance from a dedicated college counselor who will remain with students through graduation.

    Laurel Springs immerses students in a premier online education built around their interests, passions, and talents.
    Laurel Springs Alumni Julia Jones

    One thing that I really love about being at Laurel Springs is being able to set my own pace and make my own schedule. When I'm traveling, I don't really do that much online work for Laurel Springs because I just need to be in the zone, especially if I'm at a competition or something. It’s very rigorous and I need to make an effort to become better and put all my knowledge into my craft.”

    Julia Jones

    Class of 2022

    Proven Performance

    #1 School for Getting into Your #1 School

    • 92%+

      of students graduating in the Class of 2022 are college-bound

    • $8.2M

      Class of 2022 graduates were awarded a reported $8.2M+ in Merit Scholarships

    • 79%

      of our Class of 2022 graduates who applied to college were offered admission to their first-choice school

    Unifying leaders in education and the arts

    Laurel Springs partners with the most excellent schools and academies of the arts so your artist can thrive in their passion and academia











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