Teacher Appreciation Week 2021: Thank a Teacher


Teacher Appreciation Week 2021 Thank a Teacher graphic Laurel Springs School offers a rigorous, flexible education that nurtures intellectual curiosity and inspires personal and academic growth and mastery. Our students’ enriching experiences and interactions stem from our diverse curriculum and programs and our talented, dedicated faculty and staff. Laurel Springs educators are at the forefront of engaging and leading our global learners, so we would like to recognize the teachers who guide our students on the path to discovery and success. For this year’s Teacher Appreciation WeekSM, we have been spreading the word and encouraging our community to share how our teachers are making a difference.

While this conversation has been active on our Facebook page, our academic leaders have been commemorating our educators throughout the week through the curation of a playlist of songs and podcasts to remind them of their strength, service, and impact, including songs like Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger” and Roger Day’s “Dream Big” and episodes of The Cult of Pedagogy and Angela Watson’s Truth for Teachers. Laurel Springs teachers empower our students, staff, and faculty to learn from and grow with each other.

As we cap off this week with our utmost gratitude, we would like to share some of our families’ words about our educators with the rest of our community. Most importantly, we want to thank our teachers today, tomorrow, and every day for the pioneers, advocates, and experts they are.

[video width="1080" mp4="https://laurelsprings.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/6/2021/05/Teacher-Appreciation-Video.mp4"][/video]


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