Encouraging Self-Discovery in an Online Learning Environment

The Laurel Springs School staff consists of exceptional faculty, student services, and counselors who share an enthusiasm for meeting each student where they are, while challenging them to expand their potential through self-discovery.

As a K-12 online private school, Laurel Springs encourages students to take ownership of their education, fosters accountability, and empowers students to design their unique learning path and pace—from choosing their first day of school to creating a course schedule that integrates seamlessly into their life.



We love the flexibility and academics at Laurel Springs. As a military family, we move a lot and we love to travel. Laurel Springs gives us the ability to provide a high-quality education for our child but gives us the flexibility our lifestyle requires. It's the best decision we've made for his education!"

Laurel Springs School Parent

Education On Your Schedule

Laurel Springs delivers academic instruction through asynchronous courses, meaning students may access their lessons at any time. This eliminates scheduling conflicts and gives our students the flexibility to pursue interests and passions outside of school. Our Learning Management System (LMS) provides 24/7 access to each student's progress and archives past quizzes and tests that can be reviewed online at any time.

Partnering in Academic Success

A strong partnership and excellent communication between parents, students, and teachers, helps students build confidence, sparks their desire to learn, and sets the groundwork for a successful learning experience.

Student-Focused Teachers

Laurel Springs teachers are passionate about providing education and a collaborative learning environment. Teachers and staff take the time to learn about each student’s goals and needs to enhance curriculum and instruction.

Our qualified teachers are certified in their core content areas and are committed to helping students excel in their coursework by providing personal, actionable feedback linked to assignment objectives.

A teacher in class answers a remote young students question

Student Services Support

Our dedicated Student Services team welcomes new families, answers questions during orientation, and provides training and support for the Laurel Springs LMS. Families are encouraged to connect with Student Services through phone, email, and virtual office hours.

Throughout the year, Student Services proactively identifies and offers support options to students who are not making adequate academic progress. Student success is their priority.

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Counseling Services to Guide the Student Journey

All students receive one-on-one guidance throughout their academic journey at Laurel Springs—from experienced and devoted K-8 Counselors to specialized College Counselors in Upper School. Expert counselors with a wealth of knowledge ensure that each student’s learning path, pace, and goals are recognized, beginning in Lower School and continuing through graduation.

These dedicated counselors provide students with personalized attention and ongoing support as they explore their academic interests and passions, while preparing them for the college admissions process and beyond.

A Parent’s Role

Parents support their child’s learning experience by being present and available as much as possible, asking questions, and communicating frequently with teachers and counselors.

Being your child’s academic coach may include providing additional learning materials, exploring concepts together, reviewing and proofreading assignments, reading out loud, helping them learn to plan, and expressing encouragement.

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A Student’s Role

We encourage our students to be active members of their learning team, along with their parents and teachers. Students’ academic responsibility increases gradually as they progress through each grade level at Laurel Springs.

The process of building self-advocacy and time management skills develops independent students who are well-prepared to enter the college of their choice.

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Start Your Online Learning Journey

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Admissions Process FAQs

  • What are rolling admissions?

    Rolling admission means, with few exceptions, there is no hard deadline for full-time student applications. We evaluate applications as they are sent to us. This means new students can apply to Laurel Springs at any time.
  • What programs can I apply for at Laurel Springs?

  • Are there registration deadlines for the summer program?

    Yes. Our six-week and 12-week summer courses have specific registration dates to accommodate summer course start and end dates.

    Learn More About Summer Program

  • Do I need to send official transcripts to Laurel Springs?

    Students in grades 9-12 will need to send official transcripts from their previous school(s) for course placement. Students applying to enter grade 12 will need to send transcripts prior to enrollment.

    Complete the Request for Student Records form and send it to your children's previous schools.

  • Does Laurel Springs accept international students?

    Yes. International students can apply to Laurel Springs. Our flexible approach to learning allows us to easily adapt to world-wide time zones so students anywhere can receive a premier education.

  • Do you offer single courses?

    Yes. New part-time students may enroll in a wide variety of single courses to supplement their current schooling.

  • What is the Laurel Springs Enrollment Agreement?

    The Laurel Springs Enrollment Agreement is intended to make our partnership with our families clear and to set forth the policies governing this partnership.

  • How can I connect with the Laurel Springs admissions team?

    We'd love to chat with you. Fill out our Contact Us form and one of our Admissions Coordinators will be in touch. Or, give us a call at 866-890-6429.