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MS Coding 1b

Prerequisite: Successful Completion of Middle School Coding 1a. Building on the prior prerequisite course, expand your knowledge of programming languages and web development by further exploring Python, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Analyze the differences between web development and web application development, while growing your portfolio, which will serve to highlight everything you have learned and created in the course.

Course Details

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, students will be able to

  • Define and use the list data structure in Python
  • Iterate over a list in Python using for and while loops
  • Write user-defined functions in Python
  • Re-structure programs to use functions for greater efficiency
  • Write a basic, high-level, structured plan for a program
  • Convert a high-level plan to pseudocode
  • Define and apply the iterative process to pseudocode and coding
  • Write Python code for a basic text-based adventure game
  • Identify the main purpose of information and evaluate the soundness of an argument
  • Explain the difference between the internet and the World Wide Web
  • Understand how websites are transferred from servers to computers
  • Identify and use common HTML tags to build a basic webpage
  • Use CSS to apply style to an HTML document
  • Understand and apply the div tag to webpages
  • Use a variety of HTML and CSS to create a webpage with pictures that appear when clicked on or hovered over
  • Write a basic JavaScript function
  • Use JavaScript event listeners to trigger an alert box
  • Create a spreadsheet that includes formulas and a graph
  • Implement buttons in HTML that trigger a JavaScript function when clicked
  • Write user-defined JavaScript functions
  • Implement HTML web forms with text fields and buttons
  • Understand and use selection and repetition statements in JavaScript
  • Evaluate how technology has affected society
  • Define and complete a trace table to find errors
  • Use the debugger tool in an IDE
  • Identify common mistakes in Python and JavaScript
  • Create a publication using Lucidpress
  • Describe how models and simulations help us analyze and solve problems

Required Materials

Prerequisite: The successful completion of Middle School Coding 1A

  • LMS Access
  • Device that can record video or audio
  • Standard laptop or desktop computers with Windows or Mac OS
  • High-speed internet connection (Cable, DSL)
  • Word processing software
  • Obvibase
  • Scratch
  • Lucidchart
  • OnlineGDB
  • Google Docs

Module Topics

  • Unit 1: How to Train Your Python
  • Unit 2: Plan the Code, Code the Plan
  • Unit 3: Build a Webpage
  • Midterm Review and Test
  • Unit 4: Give Your Webpage Some Style
  • Unit 5: Buttons and Gadgets
  • Unit 6: Become a Master Exterminator!
  • Final Review and Test


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