Who We Serve

We Cater to a Diverse Group of Learners

As a global online private school, Laurel Springs School serves a variety of students seeking a premier college-prep academic experience. For 30 years, families from around the world have turned to Laurel Springs when traditional brick-and-mortar schools have not met their needs.

Students at Laurel Springs represent all 50 states and over 100 countries, all of whom share a common bond of pursuing their interests and passions.

Our Diverse Community of Learners

College-Bound Students

A Laurel Springs education is centered around the essence of a diverse and challenging college-prep experience, which encourages students to develop valuable skills in time management and to advocate for their learning. Our extensive selection of AP and honors-level classes, coupled with individualized counseling, prepares students to continue their education at elite universities and beyond.

Student Athletes

Laurel Springs has long been considered the premier online school for student athletes who seek flexibility and a college-prep experience as they pursue their talents and interests. Given the high academic expectations associated with NCAA approval, Laurel Springs can assist with academic planning for students who wish to pursue athletics at Division I or II colleges.

Accelerated Learners

Academically-talented and driven students thrive in an environment where they are regularly/routinely challenged to realize their full potential. Our classes and coursework options are designed to encourage students to discover, explore, and grow at their own pace, so that they develop an intrinsic motivation to achieve academic and extra-curricular success.

Performing Arts Students

Laurel Springs is known for working with students who are professional actors, musicians, dancers, and other performers. We work with students, their parents, advisors, and tutors to ensure that our student performers receive a quality college-prep education while pursuing their ambitions as individuals and as ensemble members.

International Students

Our international families appreciate the continuity in learning that Laurel Springs provides for students living abroad, regardless of where their travels take them. Laurel Springs’ approach to academics means that we can adapt to challenges arising from time zone changes, relocation needs, and evolving student goals.

Homeschooling Families

We are committed to helping homeschool families succeed at remote learning by offering the peace of mind of an accredited education and highly qualified teachers. We provide each child with a personalized academic experience, compassionate teachers, and a flexible pace of instruction that honors each student’s learning style.

The Academy at Laurel Springs

The Academy is a fully accredited, selective online learning program within Laurel Springs School for distinguished scholars in grades 6-12. This elite program offers enhanced experiences built around each student’s interests, talents, and passions, which fosters success in today’s dynamic, global landscape with its competitive advantages.

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