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Phalyn Parrott is a nine-year-old star. Full of ambition and spunk, this Miami, Florida native currently lives in France to train, compete, and win on the tennis court.

Phalyn Parrott thrives at Mouratoglou Tennis Academy

“The Mouratoglou Tennis Academy is the world’s most advanced tennis academy and this is why I’m here,” starts Phalyn, “The best tennis players in the world train here.”

She started playing tennis at just three years old. Following in her big sister’s footsteps, she now plays competitively and is a full-time student-athlete training at Mouratoglou Tennis Academy, a Laurel Springs partner.

In fact, she is the youngest student there; the minimum grade level is 5th grade for their sports-study program.

“I love tennis. It’s a good sport that challenges me both physically and mentally but it’s really fun,” exclaims Phalyn.

She mentions she models her aggressive baseline playing style after professional tennis player Naomi Osaka, and she affectionately looks up to Olympic Gold Medalist and former World Cup alpine ski racer Lindsey Vonn.

Lindsey keeps in close touch with Phalyn and has become a mentor to her. As the first professional athlete to personally connect with Phalyn, Lindsey has Phalyn’s trust and confidence.

“We communicate a lot and I was so happy the first time she called me. It was right after I won a really tough 14 and under tournament. Lindsey is super kind to me and generous with her time and advice” said Phalyn.

Her other influence is Paris Hilinski, professional golfer and Laurel Springs Alumni.

“Paris is awesome! She’s really special to me as well. Paris is always supportive and gives me great advice on being a good person, supportive sister and how to remain humble as I navigate through my  journey as a female athlete. I’m learning a lot from her.”

Phalyn’s schedule is rigorous with school and training. From rising early at 7:15 am for breakfast and schoolwork, she finishes her day at 9 pm after a full day of tennis, strength and conditioning, and studying.

She explains that her busy schedule can be challenging, but she’s accustomed to it.

With her coach and hitting partner, Phalyn revels in the time spent at the Mouratoglou Tennis Academy. And it pays off. So far, she’s won many matches against girls as old as 16.

“After so much hard work, it feels rewarding to win”, describes Phalyn.

Phalyn has a Universal Tennis Ranking (UTR) and an International Player Identification Number (IPIN); she has been accepted to the International Tennis Federation World (ITF) World Tennis Tour (Juniors), including the Tennis Europe Junior Tour.

Phalyn’s goal is to play in the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA).

Phalyn’s interests at Laurel Springs and beyond

This 3rd grader at Laurel Springs has many interests. She enjoys playing with her two french bulldogs, Polo and Ziggy, listening to artists like k-pop girl group BLACKPINK, popstar Lady Gaga, and Latin singer Becky G.

Phalyn is bilingual and loves Latin music. She exclaims that one day, she wants to invite Becky G to watch her play tennis.

Other than that, she enjoys spending time on the weekends with her friends at different restaurants around France and—admittedly—loves a delicious cheeseburger. Phalyn spends the rest of her free time reading, watching, and learning about horses.

In school, her favorite subject is math; she notes that she excels in the subject.

Phalyn describes her favorite part of Laurel Springs with excitement, stating, “I like that it’s online, and I can manage my time on my own. I have huge flexibility with my studies and coursework. Laurel Spring truly offers me limitless learning options. I don’t think I could ever go back to a traditional school setting again. My favorite classes this semester are science and cooking!”

Her dad chimes in and mentions, “Everything that Phalyn’s doing would not be possible without Laurel Springs.”

Overall, Phalyn looks forward to “learning a lot” in her studies at Laurel Springs, but this is just the beginning.

She states, “One day if this tennis thing doesn’t work out, I’d want to be a veterinarian specializing in treating horses.”

A word of advice from Phalyn

Phayln is young and intelligent. Offering a few words of wisdom to fellow Lower School students and kids her age, she advises, “Life is a journey. So, believe in yourself, even if others doubt you. Work really hard, and always try your best.”

We look forward to seeing what’s next for Phalyn! To see her in action, follow @phalynparrott on Instagram.

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