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Laurel Springs partners with 300+ like-minded organizations and consultants leveraging the school’s wealth of experience and diverse curriculum to enhance their educational offerings. Given Laurel Springs’ global footprint, we’re uniquely positioned to serve international students, connecting them with a variety of educational opportunities—regardless of their location or time zone.

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Diverse Offerings Drive Student Success

Laurel Springs prioritizes the needs of individual students. With our self-paced model, students learn - and thrive - from anywhere in the world.

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Hands on support to grow your program and ensure positive student outcomes.

  • Dedicated Account Manager

    Work side-by-side with your dedicated account manager to nurture students from enrollment to graduation, while receiving expert consultation for growing your program with best practices.
  • Observer Account

    Real-time visibility into your students’ schoolwork and progress to effectively measure their success.
  • Co-branded Marketing Opportunities

    Drive interest and engagement in your initiatives with press releases, social media announcements, newsletter highlights, co-branded materials, and more.

Why Partner with Laurel Springs School?

Teaming Up to Support Student-Athletes

Laurel Springs partners with the world's most respected sports-training facilities to provide students with an enriching academic experience. Our online program offers the flexibility student-athletes need to compete at the highest level. Athletes at Laurel Springs increase training time by completing coursework when their schedule allows. Students choose from a diverse selection of core courses and elective options for K-12 students.

Flexible scheduling

Our self-paced, asynchronous model provides students the flexibility they require to train, travel, and compete.


We offer more than 160 NCAA-approved courses, a college-bound student-athlete manager, and a college counseling staff to support student-athletes.

Blackout dates

Students may select 10 blackout days per semester during which they have no school, assignments, or tests, in order to accommodate commitments to their training or tournaments.

Dedicated support

Ongoing access to placement management counselors ready to provide a continuous internal review process for college-bound student-athletes, guidance on NCAA eligibility, and resources specific to their unique search for the opportunity to play their sport at the college level.

Meet Our Partner Students

Partnering with Global Leaders in Education

Laurel Springs partners with the world's most respected independent education consultants, private and charter schools, and tutoring centers to provide students with an enriching academic experience through full-time enrollment, single-courses, or our extensive Summer Program.

Private and Charter Schools

Laurel Springs augments private and charter schools’ current curriculum with specialized courses, such as AP or world language courses, that your school may not currently be able to offer.

Tutoring Centers and Independent Education Consultants

We offer full-time and part-time enrollment, providing additional academic support to the students who need it most, broadening their students’ academic horizons.

Homeschool Groups

Homeschool students gain access to a broad range of rigorous, engaging courses not available in their current curriculum.

Meet Our Partner Students

The #1 online self-paced, mastery-based school for tennis athletes

Laurel Springs is considered the preferred online school for professional-caliber student-tennis players who seek flexibility and a college-prep experience as they dedicate time to their training, making it an excellent resource to pair alongside your training program.

Managing an aggressive training regiment with quality academics is no easy task. Laurel Springs has a track record of successful past students who have become Olympians, collegiate, and professional athletes, including Amanda Anisimova, Taylor Fritz, Jenson Brooksby and Peyton Sterns.
  • 93% of 25 top Laurel Springs’ tennis partner enrollments are full-time students.
  • 40% of Laurel Springs graduates are Division I or II student-athletes.
  • 47% of Laurel Springs student-athletes are tennis players.
Laurel Springs Academy is the number one choice for tennis student athletes.

Step Into our Students’ Shoes

Laurel Springs has long been considered the preferred online school for students who seek flexibility and rigor. When students are given the freedom to choose when and where they learn, they succeed at so much more than academics.
Marina Fuduric, Class of 2024
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“As our daughters’ passion for competing at a higher level in tennis grew, we decided to attend top-notch tennis academy, Smith Stearns. More importantly and just as difficult was the search for an education solution that matched their desire to excel academically and challenge themselves with high-level coursework. Thus far, Laurel Springs has fit the bill, allowing uniquely customized scheduling while they both continue to push to improve their game on the tennis courts.

Wendy Fuduric, Mother of Marina, Class of 2024, and Lucia, Class of 2026

Smith Stearns Tennis Academy

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