Onboarding and Planning

Our onboarding process ensures a positive experience for newly enrolled students, providing them the tools and available resources for a successful first semester at Laurel Springs.
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Prepare for your online learning experience

Two weeks before your child’s start date, they will receive access to our online orientation course. Participating in our student orientation is an important part of your child’s transition to online learning. Developed as a road map with all the necessary tools to ensure each student has a rich and positive experience, the Laurel Springs School online school onboarding process helps students and their families begin the transition to remote learning.

The Student Onboarding Process

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Welcome messages

Incoming students and their parents will receive a welcome email from their Enrollment Coordinator and an email with their log-in credentials to the Laurel Springs Portal. Your child’s teachers will also reach out to introduce them to their courses.

Orientation course

Upon logging in to our portal, students will see the Orientation Course in their Student Dashboard. Our orientation course is self-paced and covers how to navigate the Laurel Springs Portal, access courses, contact teachers, submit assignments, view grades and feedback, and stay on track.

Resources and Support

Laurel Springs believes in an experiential learning model inviting students to discover, explore, and grow through real-world experiences. Our High School provides a diverse catalog of courses, and students may choose core courses, world languages, electives, and micro-courses appealing to their interests.
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  • When can I expect to hear from my child’s teachers?

    Your child’s teachers will reach out by their enrollment start date.

  • What does my child’s first day at Laurel Springs look like?

    Your child can begin coursework their first day at Laurel Springs. You and your child will have access to the orientation course and Laurel Springs portal about two weeks before their start date to learn the ins and outs of Laurel Springs.

  • What can I expect from orientation?

    Our new student orientation course will teach your child how to navigate through the portal, access courses, view grades and feedback, submit assignments, contact teachers, and more. There will be videos, screenshots, and detailed information to help you get familiar with our school.

  • Who do I contact if I need help?

    Contact your Enrollment Coordinator if you need any help getting started. For course-specific questions, you can contact your child’s teacher. Teachers respond to emails and phone calls within 24 hours from Monday - Friday and host two-hour weekly office hours.

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