Fill in Your Gap Year with Laurel Springs’ Postgraduate Program

    Whether you’re taking a semester or a year off, Laurel Springs School’s Postgraduate Program will prepare you for your next step in life. We help recent high school graduates transition to college or university and provide them with the necessary tools and skills to pave their career paths.

    Laurel Springs School’s Postgraduate Program will prepare you for your next step in life

    The Postgraduate Experience

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    Expand your academic portfolio

    Our postgraduate program is uniquely tailored to each student’s goals, offering a meaningful academic experience for motivated learners. Postgraduate students have access to our complete Upper School catalog to expand their academic portfolio, familiarize themselves with college-level coursework, and explore potential majors or career paths.

    • College courses through Laurel Springs’ partnerships with Baylor University and Syracuse University
    • 45 Honors and AP courses
    • 65 World language courses
    • Elective courses

    As a fully-customizable program, postgraduate students can take a single course or several courses, participate in a virtual internship, join the Entrepreneurial Talent Lab, or any combination of these exciting opportunities! You could say the Laurel Springs Postgraduate Program allows high school graduates to choose-their-own adventure.

    College counseling for your gap year

    Postgraduate students who opt in to the College Counseling program receive the guidance they need from an assigned College Counselor and a college and life planning seminar. Your College Counselor meets with you throughout the program to help you navigate the college admissions process and balance your Laurel Springs studies with your other pursuits.

    • The Seminar course includes a wide variety of resources and a wealth of knowledge applicable to students’ current college and career goals or plans. It covers self-advocacy, growth mindset, and professional etiquette, contributing to a successful transition to higher education.
    • Postgrad students also receive access to Naviance, a comprehensive, college and career readiness platform that promotes self-discovery, career exploration, and college preparation, and is used as a part of the college admissions process.

    One-of-a-kind virtual internships

    Laurel Springs’ Postgraduate Program offers remote internships—in the field and location of your choice—through a partnership with Virtual Internships, an organization that partners with 12,000 companies in more than 150 countries. During one- to four-month internships, you’ll have access to webinars, coaching, and personalized support as you further your professional development on a global scale. All virtual internships follow the career readiness criteria outlined by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE).

    Specialized program for entrepreneurs

    Students can customize their academic gap year from our full range of courses and participate in the Entrepreneurial Talent Lab (ETL) delivered in partnership with Entrepreneurial Performance Labs (EPL). This intensive eight-week program is designed for postgraduate students looking to prepare for an entrepreneurial career.

    • Take advantage of one-on-one sessions with EPL coaches, self-rated assessment tools, and interactive learning modules for entrepreneurial success.
    • Use tools like Entrepreneur Core Characteristics Profile and the Startup Clarity Project to learn about the 11 characteristics associated with entrepreneurial success and cultivate your own self-awareness and entrepreneurial behavior, while strengthening your confidence and resilience.

    Ready to make the most of your postgrad experience?

    Taking time to prepare for your college or career move is a smart move. Enroll today to get the tools and support you need to succeed.
    Enroll today to get the tools and support you need to succeed.

    Postgraduate Program FAQs

    • Who is eligible to participate in the Laurel Springs Postgraduate Program?

      Students who are highly motivated, curious, responsible, and engaged learners are an ideal fit for the Postgraduate Program with Laurel Springs. This program is intended for recent high school graduates. To enroll, you must submit your final high school transcript confirming graduation and be 20 years of age or younger.
    • What is a gap year?

      A gap year is a semester or year-long break before a student attends college or university.
    • Why would a student choose to take a gap year?

      Students choose to take a gap year for various reasons. Some travel while others get a job, pursue internships, volunteer, take more courses, explore majors, or pursue other developmental opportunities.

      Read “Is Taking a Gap Year the Right Choice?”

    • What is a postgraduate program?

      Traditionally a postgraduate program is developed for college grads. Laurel Springs School offers a unique experience for recent high school graduates—a high school postgraduate program to fill the gap between high school and higher ed or create a purposeful gap year.
    • Why do students take postgraduate programs?

      Students take postgraduate programs to further their professional careers, prepare for further degrees, or expand their knowledge.

      In Laurel Springs’ postgraduate program, you can explore potential majors, take additional college-level courses, participate in internships, and develop vital skills to make your college application more competitive.

      Read “How to Make the Most of Your Gap Year Experience"

    • Is a postgraduate program an adult education program?

      No, a postgraduate program is not an adult education program. Adult education programs are designed to help adult learners hone their literacy and English skills and/or gain technical career skills. Our postgraduate program is designed for recent high school graduates to take advanced courses and prepare for college/university.
    • What courses can participants in the Laurel Springs Postgraduate Program take?

      Laurel Springs postgraduate students can take any class (or classes) in Laurel Springs’ High School catalog.

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    • Is there a minimum course or program requirement for postgraduate students?

      No, postgraduate students can take as many or as few courses as they’d like in our program.
    • Do you earn a transcript for the Laurel Springs Postgraduate Program?

      You may request a Postgraduate transcript, however, it will not contribute to your final high school GPA. Laurel Springs’ postgraduate (PG) credit does not transfer to colleges and universities unless it is associated with an AP course. In that case, it is at the discretion of the specific colleges and universities to accept the AP credit. Earned college course credit may be transferred to colleges and universities.
    • Is the Postgraduate Program at Laurel Springs a boarding school gap year program?

      No, our gap year program is completely online. We only have virtual classrooms here!
    • What is the tuition cost for Laurel Springs’ Postgraduate Program?

      Tuition is based on your selected courses. Please contact an admissions coordinator to learn more about our postgraduate pricing.

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    • Can International students participate in the Laurel Springs Postgraduate program?

      Enrollment in The Postgraduate Program is an excellent way to demonstrate your ability to take higher-level, US-based courses, providing you with an impressive transcript that sets you apart from your peers. International students are required to demonstrate English language proficiency.