Laurel Springs Develops Partnerships at Pie Live Conference


Audrey DuHaimeAt the recent Pie Live event, Laurel Springs Partnerships Development Manager, Audrey DuHaime, joined other innovators in the international education industry to delve deeper into the future development of programs vital to providing an engaging student experience. Here are some of her takeaways from the event. 

One thing is for certain—online education is here to stay! Even though it’s been around since before the global pandemic, distance learning has become more acceptable in regions and markets where previously it was met with only skepticism. Virtual learning has increased flexibility in higher education and provided advantages for international students across the world, solidifying its place as a permanent part of the educational landscape moving forward.

For nearly 30 years, Laurel Springs School has pioneered distance learning and reimagined the educational journey through a student-centered focus. At this virtual event, we were able to introduce ourselves to other leaders in this international industry in the hopes of forging future bonds. Attending conferences like this one not only keeps us on the leading edge of educational developments, but the connections made also continue to inspire innovation and provide the highest quality experience to our students.

Currently, Laurel Springs caters to a broad partner base offering flexible and customizable learning options to their student populations. Rigorous classes focus on mastery-based concepts and real-world education opportunities that help students develop deeper connections in the global community, preparing them for success at top-quality universities and beyond. A conference panel on Employability discussed the rise in demand of "soft skills" or "professional skills" such as cultural sensitivity, empathy, self-advocacy, and operating remotely. These characteristics are in higher demand with employers now in order to adapt to the current work environment. With the existing learning model and vision for the future, Laurel Springs has made it a mission to help students develop these skills and create partnerships with those who strive to achieve similar goals.