Parent Spotlight: Elizabeth Tobin Reflects on Flexibility


Having two kids is already a balancing act. When you add multiple extracurriculars into the mix, it’s even more to juggle. Elizabeth Tobin and her family are quite familiar with the struggle. On top of everything they have going on, the kids not only find time to schedule in their studies, but excel in their classes. How? Laurel Springs.

Luckily, Elizabeth was able to carve out some time to talk about how they’re able to make it all work and how Laurel Springs helps to make it all possible.

Flexibility for the Win

Elizabeth’s two kids, Rebecca (11) and Jack (8) are both competitive gymnasts, so they know a thing or two about being flexible. Both are also accomplished piano players, love tennis, dabble in oil painting, and explore Roblox or Minecraft when they’re not entertaining their three cats. To say they have a lot going on is an understatement. To say they have a lot going for them also underemphasizes what they have accomplished so far.

These two not only excel at their activities—which take up an average of 25 hours a week—but they’re straight-A students working above grade level as well. “My son has accelerated a full grade while my daughter has accelerated a grade in Math.” Elizabeth credits the “flexibility combined with an accredited education” of Laurel Springs for “the ability for my gifted kids to move at a more rapid pace…”

This is one of the main reasons she chose to enroll them both in this online school. “I became convinced that the flexibility of Laurel Springs was critical to allowing both my kids to continue to advance in both their academics and extracurricular pursuits at a pace that worked for them and our family.”

Good Words on the Street

When Elizabeth started looking for an alternative to the previous private school her kids attended, she listened to parents already familiar with the flexibility of Laurel Springs’ accredited online courses. The switch was simple. “The online tools utilized by LSS are quite easy to navigate, and there are ample staff available to help make onboarding easy.”

The new routine was also easy to implement. “Our family has a dedicated workspace for each child, and we have a schedule that helps them plan their day around school and their various practices.” What wasn’t so easy? Finding a similar program previously. “I wish I knew more about the academic flexibility that is allowed...Laurel Springs allowed them the opportunity to advance more rapidly academically while also pursuing gymnastics, piano, and tennis at a very high level...This [grade-level] acceleration was not allowed at their previous schools.”

But now that she does know, Elizabeth is willing and excited to share her knowledge and experience with other parents. “I serve as a LSS Parent Ambassador, and that has been a wonderful way to connect with incoming families. I also enjoy the regional Facebook group and am lucky to have friends in my city who also have kids who are LSS students.” As for her advice to prospective families looking to enroll, “Don’t hesitate to ask questions and certainly request to be put in touch with a Parent Ambassador!”