Why Laurel Springs

    Laurel Springs School allows students to thrive in every aspect of life. Our students learn beyond the walls of brick-and-mortar schools with an education and support tailored to meet their needs and a deeply connected student and parent community.

    Our Mission

    Engaging global learners in an education that values them as individuals, integrates their passions and pursuits into academic and career pathways, and fosters inquiry, growth, mastery, purpose, and independence.

    Our Beliefs

    Each student has special interests, goals, talents, and a unique learning style. Students benefit most from an educational process that recognizes them as individuals, provides a flexible approach to learning, and enables them to pursue their dreams.

    Excellence in Education

    Ranked as one of the best online private schools in America, Laurel Springs’ academic experiences help pave each student’s learning path and pace. In addition, we offer The Academy at Laurel Springs, an elite, application-only program for intellectually curious students who want a more rigorous academic experience.

    Fostering a lifelong love of learning, Laurel Springs encourages engagement beyond the classroom through a broad range of clubs and activities, enables cross-cultural collaboration across its diverse student body, and nurtures personal growth within each student as they discover and pursue their individual passions and talents.

    Laurel Springs encourages engagement beyond the classroom through a broad range of clubs and activities

    Why Parents and Students Choose Laurel Springs

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    Flexible Schedule

    Laurel Springs’ online program is designed to help students grow and excel academically and personally, while maintaining a flexible schedule. This approach also enables students to adapt their schedules to accommodate outside interests and passions. Additionally, they can begin their studies at any time of the year through our rolling enrollment.

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    Quality Curriculum

    Our diverse college-prep curriculum allows students to meet academic requirements for graduation and prepares them for challenges in college and career life. Online course offerings are supported by a caring faculty that works closely with each student to ensure a full understanding of course material.

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    Vibrant Student Life

    Students are actively involved in a variety of extracurricular organizations and events, such as Model UN, National Honor Society, and Junior Honor Society. They can also connect with a diverse group of peers—from more than 100 countries—through virtual field trips, in-person events around the world, and a private social network.

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    Personal Guidance

    All students receive academic counseling throughout their journey at Laurel Springs. Experienced in supporting students from diverse backgrounds and scholastic aptitudes, counselors at Laurel Springs help develop a personalized education plan for each student, beginning in Elementary School and continuing through graduation.

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    Who Thrives Here

    Laurel Springs' online program helps students grow and excel academically and personally. Our innovative and flexible approach enables students to adapt their schedules to outside interests and passions.

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    Enroll in an accredited K-12 school online

    Laurel Springs School holds accreditation from both the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and Cognia, demonstrating its commitment to maintaining the highest standards of academic excellence. This accreditation ensures your child will receive a top-quality learning experience.
    • Opportunities

      Attending an accredited school opens up opportunities for your child to pursue their desired college education.
    • Out of State Benefits

      Enrolling in an accredited program is particularly advantageous for students aspiring to attend out-of-state colleges or universities since many higher education institutions require a high school diploma from an accredited school.
    • Scholarships

      Furthermore, in certain states, enrolling your child in an accredited school can make them eligible for state-wide scholarships and military-based programs.
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