Elementary School 3rd Grade Courses

3rd grade at Laurel Springs offers a wide range of potential learning opportunities and courses that continue to build on the foundational skills developed in earlier grades. 3rd grade courses can incorporate interactive and engaging activities such as virtual field trips, hands-on experiments, and multimedia projects. Students also have access to educational resources such as digital libraries, videos, and interactive simulations. 3rd grade provides a comprehensive and engaging learning experience that prepares students for future academic and personal success.

3rd Grade

  • English

    This course provides structured lessons on reading, spelling, writing, vocabulary, grammar, and cursive handwriting. Students study parts of speech including nouns, verbs, and adverbs. Students will go through the writing process creating a variety of genres, such as narratives, cause/effect, compare/contrast, biographies, and much more. In addition, appropriate spelling words will be studied throughout the course.

  • Social Studies

    In this course learners will begin to explore the fundamentals of social studies including geography, civics, and economics. Learners will begin by looking at the beginning of civilization and examining the ancient Hebrew civilization, the Phoenicians, and the Kush tribe of ancient Africa. They will then move on to examining the Native American tribes of the Cherokee, Sioux, and Hopi. Students will also look at the first explorers of the Americas and learn about the beginning of the United States.

  • Math

    This research-based course focuses on computational fluency, conceptual understanding, and problem solving. Students will review addition and subtraction with models, and then will learn what multiplication and division means before practicing finding products and quotients with single-digit multipliers and divisors. Students will learn about volume, weight, and time as well as finding the area and perimeter of common shapes. Students will end the course by learning basic elementary statistical ideas within a financial lesson.

  • Science

    This research-based course provides structured lessons designed to introduce students to general science principles in a variety of science disciplines. Students study topics in earth/space science including our solar system, the water cycle, and volcanoes. In environmental science, students look at food chains. Students study plants and animals, and their differences, as part of the biology topics. Students finish up looking at the physical science topics of matter, force, energy, sound, and light.

  • Health & Wellness

    3rd Grade Health and Wellness helps young learners establish a basic understanding of the aspects of health. Students focus on the various aspects of their health and how they can make healthy choices. Topics of study include mental, emotional, family, and social health; growth and nutrition; personal health and safety; drugs and disease prevention; and community and environmental health.

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