High School Electives Courses

We offer a variety of elective courses to help students explore their interests and passions outside of core academic subjects. These courses may include Animation, Coding, Fashion & Design, Marketing and more. Laurel Springs elective courses help students develop their skills with the flexibility of online learning - students can choose the elective courses that align with their interests and goals, and explore new areas of study.


  • 3D Modeling 1

    Heart valves, cars, cartoons, and buildings may not seem to have much in common, but they all share one spectacular attribute: all originated as a 3D model. 3D modeling has changed the way the world makes things, and in the first semester, you’ll learn the basics to begin creating in 3D! You’ll learn how different 3D models are built and how to practice using a variety of modeling methods. By the end of the course, you’ll walk away with a portfolio of your ingenious modeling ideas. 3D modeling is an essential part of the modern world and soon, you’ll be able to contribute yourself!

    Many buildings that are rendered in the real world first are constructed in a digital 3D world that depicts the aesthetics, environment, and conditions of what will come to be. In the second semester, you will be introduced to the tools and techniques needed to create works of 3D art. You will bring your objects to life with color, textures, lighting, and shadow all while simulating the movement of the world around you. Are you ready to bring beautiful objects to life in a 3D world? Let’s get started today!

    College Prep • UC Approved Elective

  • ACT Preparation - Semester

    Students will use adaptive content that builds on each section of the ACT exam. Students will take a diagnostic exam for each section and then complete lessons and practice questions before taking a practice exam. Students will take three full-length ACT practice exams. This course is taken as Pass/Fail only.

    College Prep

  • Advertising & Sales Promotion - Semester

    Great marketing strategies can be powerful. Every year companies spend approximately $200 billion promoting their products and services – and that’s just in the United States alone! Explore how marketing campaigns, ads, and commercials are brought to life and meet some of the creative folks who produce them. Learn about different marketing career opportunities and discover ways to be part of this exciting, fast-paced industry.

    College Prep • UC Approved Elective

  • Agriscience 1 - Semester

    The word “agriculture” often evokes images of farms, fields, and livestock, and while all of these representations are correct and essential, the field of Agriculture is so much more! In Agriscience 1, you’ll explore how agriscientists play key roles in improving agriculture, food production, and the conservation of natural resources along with the technologies used to keep the field thriving. Are you ready to explore the diverse careers in agriscience and how you can prepare to positively impact the planet? Let’s get growing!

    [This course contains similar content to Principles of Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources, but with a focus on science and less discussion on natural resources.]

    College Prep • UC Approved Elective

  • Agriscience 2 - Semester

    Science and technology are revolutionizing many areas of our lives, and agriculture is no exception! From aquaculture to genetic engineering, agriscience is finding new ways to better produce and manage plants, animals, and other natural resources. In Agriscience 2, you’ll build on your existing knowledge of plant and animal science and delve deeper into important areas such as soil science and weed management. You’ll also explore research on plant and animal diseases as well as the insects and other pests that can impact agricultural enterprises and natural resources.

    Prerequisite: Successful completion of Agriscience 1

    College Prep • UC Approved Elective

  • Animation 1

    Have you ever watched a cartoon or played a video game where the animation of characters captivated you so much you wanted to create your own? If so, it’s time to immerse yourself in the world of animation. Meet the industry players such as directors, animators, and 3D modelers. Develop your story by exploring design, the 12 principles of animation, creating a storyboard, and leveraging the tools of the trade. Let’s bring your story to life with animation! It’s time to start animating like the pros!

    In the second semester, you’ll immediately start exploring the software Blender, your gateway to 3D modeling, computer animation, and postproduction procedures used in the film industry. Discover 3D modeling and animation of characters. Explore the basics of human anatomy and form to apply rigging, joints, and texture. Examine rendering and lighting effects and how to apply sound. And discover careers so you can start using your new skills right away.

    College Prep • UC Approved Elective

  • Anthropology 1: Uncovering Human Mysteries - Semester

    The aim of anthropology is to use a broad approach to gain an understanding of our past, present, and future, and in addition address the problems humans face in biological, social and cultural life. This course will explore the evolution, similarity, and diversity of humankind through time. It will look at how we have evolved from a biologically and culturally weak species to one that has the ability to cause catastrophic change. Exciting online video journeys to different areas of the anthropological world are just one of the powerful learning tools utilized in this course.

    College Prep • UC Approved Elective

  • Anthropology 2: More Human Mysteries Uncovered - Semester

    Anthropology has helped us better understand cultures around the world and through different time periods. This course continues the study of global cultures and the ways that humans have made sense of their world. We will examine some of the ways that cultures have understood and given meaning to different stages of life and death. The course will also examine the creation of art within cultures and examine how cultures evolve and change over time. Finally, we will apply the concepts and insights learned from the study of anthropology to several cultures found in the world today.

    Prerequisite: Successful completion of Anthropology 1

    College Prep • UC Approved Elective

  • Archaeology: Detectives of the Past - Semester

    George Santayana once said, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” The field of archaeology helps us to better understand the events and societies of the past that have helped to shape our modern world. This course focuses on the techniques, methods, and theories that guide the study of the past. Students will learn how archaeological research is conducted and interpreted, as well as how artifacts are located and preserved. Finally, students will learn about the relationship of material items to culture and what we can learn about past societies from these items.

    College Prep • UC Approved Elective

  • Astronomy 1

    Follow your enthusiasm for space by introducing yourself to the study of astronomy. The first semester will include topics such as astronomy’s history and development, basic scientific laws of motion and gravity, the concepts of modern astronomy, and the methods used by astronomers to learn more about the universe. Further knowledge is gained through the study of galaxies, stars, and the origin of the universe. In the second semester, dive deeper into the universe and develop a lifelong passion for space exploration and investigation. Become familiar with the inner and outer planets of the solar system as well as the sun, comets, asteroids, and meteors. Additional topics include space travel and settlements as well as the formation of planets.

    College Prep • UC Approved Elective

  • Biotechnology 1

    How is technology changing the way we live? Is it possible nature can provide all the answers to some of science’s most pressing concerns? In the first semester, you’ll learn the basics of biotechnology and evolutionary theory, explore the various ways we store and preserve food, and discover the process of fermentation and microbiology. The first semester will also cover the importance of breeding plants and hybridization and how early breeding programs led to the study of genetics and an understanding of the function of genes. Finally, you’ll delve into early industrial discoveries and explore the developments in biotechnology during the industrial revolution. The fusion of biology and technology creates an amazing process and offers humanity a chance to significantly improve our existence, while simultaneously creating new challenges.

    In the second semester, you’ll build on your knowledge and learn how this field seeks to cure such deadly diseases as cancer and malaria, develop innovative medicine, and effectively feed the world through improved agricultural systems. Learn about some of the challenges biotechnology faces today, such as the growth of antibiotic resistant bacteria and questions about the safety of commercially produced genetically modified organisms (GMOs). You’ll research new biotechnologies and learn how they are changing the world we live in, including the environmental benefits of industrial biotechnology.

    College Prep • UC Approved Elective

  • Business Information Management 1

    Build your career skills and strengthen your knowledge of business information management by exploring types of businesses and the elements of business planning. Learn about the initial requirements to start a business, then examine business finances, marketing, sales, and the importance of customer service. Computer hardware, networks, and the internet are discussed as well as the basics of web design. Lastly, you will explore ethics and business law, giving you an opportunity to discover your passion for business!

    In the second semester, you will become more familiar with the application of information management in business. You will learn about professional conduct, teamwork, and managerial skills while also examining careers in business technology. The basics of word processing, spreadsheets, databases, and presentation software are explored while you become comfortable operating each of these programs. Finally, the future of business technology is discussed, providing you with a foundation in business information management.

    College Prep • UC Approved Elective

  • Careers in Criminal Justice 1

    Have you ever wondered what steps take place as people move through the court system? The criminal justice system is a very complex field that requires dedicated people willing to pursue equal justice for all. Explore different career choices and how the juvenile justice system, the correctional system, and the trial process all work together to maintain social order. Have you ever thought about a career as a police officer, an FBI or DEA agent, or any occupation that seeks to pursue justice for all? Careers in criminal justice can be found at local, county, state, federal, and international levels, and even in the private sector. Explore some of the various occupations in this field through this course, while simultaneously learning how they interact with each other and other first responders.

    Discover important aspects of criminal justice careers, such as implementing interviewing techniques, collaborating with other agencies and departments, cooperating with global partners, and communicating with various audiences. All of these tasks are completed while understanding the importance of ethical decision making in criminal justice. It is important to know and have the character required to know the difference between right and wrong to be successful in this field. If a career in criminal justice is something you hope to pursue, the course ends with some helpful information for finding employment in criminal justice.

    College Prep • UC Approved Elective

  • Coding 1

    Learning to code is like learning a clandestine language, and now is your chance to get in on the secret! In the first semester, you will learn about the building blocks of coding. You’ll explore how real-world problems can be broken into algorithms described through coding and then use the approachable and versatile coding language of Python to generate the output you’re looking for. You’ll cover both procedural and object-oriented programming and even create two text-based adventure games along the way. Are you ready to get in on the secret?

    In the second semester, nurture your understanding of programming to take on new challenges! Discover a variety of development tools to create code while learning about methods for modular programming and coding structures. Explore security considerations, like encryptions, and toolkits to elevate your coding skills! Finally, start creating your own comprehensive software for the web and move through programming problems as part of the Capstone Project.

    College Prep • UC Approved Elective

  • Computer Science and Coding

    The Computer Science and Coding (in Python) curriculum teaches the foundations of computer science and basic programming, with an emphasis on helping students develop logical thinking and problem-solving skills. Once students complete the Computer Science and Coding (in Python) course, they will have learned material equivalent to a semester college introductory course in Computer Science and be able to program in Python.

    College Prep • UC Approved Science

  • Concepts of Engineering & Technology - Semester

    Each day, we are surrounded by technology and engineering projects. From our phones to the bridges we drive over, engineering and technology influence many parts of our lives. In Concepts of Engineering and Technology, you will learn more about engineering and technology careers and what skills and knowledge you’ll need to succeed in these fields. You’ll explore innovative and cutting-edge projects that are changing the world we live in and examine the design and prototype development process. Concepts of Engineering and Technology will also help you understand the emerging issues in this exciting career field.

    College Prep • UC Approved Elective

  • Creative Writing - Semester

    For many hundreds of years, literature has been one of the most important human art forms. It allows us to give voice to our emotions, create imaginary worlds, express ideas, and escape the confines of material reality. Through creative writing, we can come to understand ourselves and our world a little bit better. This course provides students with a solid grounding in the writing process, from finding inspiration to building a basic story to using complicated literary techniques and creating strange hybrid forms of poetic prose and prose poetry. By the end of this course, students will learn how to discover their creative thoughts and turn those ideas into fully realized pieces of creative writing.

    College Prep • UC Approved Elective • NCAA Approved English

  • Criminology: Inside the Criminal Mind - Semester

    In today’s world, crime and deviant behavior rank at or near the top of many people’s concerns. In this course, we will study the field of Criminology—the study of crime. We will look at possible explanations for crime from the standpoint of psychological, biological, and sociological perspectives, explore the categories and social consequences of crime, and investigate how the criminal justice system handles not only criminals but also their misdeeds. Why do some individuals commit crimes why others do not? What aspects in our culture and society promote crime and deviance? Why are different punishments given for the same crime? What factors, from arrest to punishment, help shape the criminal case process?

    College Prep • UC Approved Elective

  • Culinary Arts 1

    Thinking of a career in the food service industry or looking to develop your culinary skills? The first semester will provide you with basic cooking and knife skills while preparing you for entry into the culinary world. Discover the history of food culture, food service, and global cuisines while learning about food science principles and preservation. Finally, prepare for your future by building the professional, communication, leadership, and teamwork skills that are crucial to a career in the culinary arts. Did you know that baking is considered a science? In the second semester, discover how to elevate your culinary skills through the creation of stocks, soups, sauces, and learn baking techniques. Examine sustainable food practices and the benefits of nutrition while maintaining taste, plating, and presentation to truly wow your guests. The last unit in this course explores careers in the culinary arts for ways to channel your newfound passion!

    College Prep • UC Approved Elective

  • Culinary Arts 2

    Whether you aspire to be a world-class chef or just want to learn the skills needed to create your own dishes, you’ll build a strong foundation and grow your knowledge of this exciting industry. Explore baking and desserts, learn how to prepare proteins, and study nutrition and safety in the kitchen. Enhance your understanding of sustainability in the food industry, learn to prepare meals from a global perspective, and dissect the business of cooking, from managing a kitchen to successfully running a catering company.

    Prerequisite: Successful completion of Culinary Arts 1

    College Prep • UC Approved Elective

  • Cybersecurity 1

    We depend more and more on the technologies we interact with every day, and we put more and more of our personal data out there online. Can all of that data really be kept “secret”? We all need to know more about how to protect our personal information, especially given how much we rely on and use our network devices and media. You’ll learn about the various parts of your computer, how they work together, and how you can manipulate them to keep your data safe. You’ll also dive into the tools, technologies, and methods that will help protect you from an attack and discover the many opportunities in the rapidly growing field of cybersecurity.

    Ever wonder what it’s like to be a hacker? Or think about who is trying to steal your passwords while you’re shopping online using the free Wi-Fi at your local coffee shop? In the second semester, unmask the cybersecurity threats around you by understanding hackers and identifying weaknesses in your online behavior. Learn to avoid the various types of cyber attacks, including those to your social media accounts, and to predict the potential legal consequences of sharing or accessing information that you do not have rights to.

    Dig into these crimes in depth by taking a look at cyber forensics and other cybersecurity careers. In a world where such threats have no boundaries, cybersecurity will undoubtedly play an increasingly larger role in our personal and professional lives in the years to come.

    College Prep • UC Approved Elective

  • Digital Media Fundamentals 1

    Discover your talent for building digital media applications using text, graphics, animations, sounds, videos, and more! Learn about the elements that make impressive media, such as typography, color theory, design, and manipulation. Explore careers to apply your digital media skills and find your place in this fast-paced and exciting field! In the second semester polish your digital media skills and learn all about web design. Incorporate your ideas into websites and dabble in the basics of marketing to understand how your work is used. Finally, explore the world of podcasts and audio editing to construct a solid foundation from which you can pursue a career!

    College Prep • UC Approved Elective

  • Entrepreneurship 1

    Starting a business is more than just having a good idea. Successful entrepreneurs know how to use and apply fundamental business concepts to turn their ideas into thriving businesses. Explore topics such as identifying the best business structure, business functions and operations, finance, business laws, regulations, and more! If you have ever dreamed of making a business idea a reality, take the time to establish a solid foundation of business skills to make your business dreams come true!

    You have the business idea; now it’s time to go from dream to reality. Throughout the second semester, you’ll explore different topics representing the major parts of a business plan, such as risk, hiring, pricing, marketing, and more. By completing activities, you’ll create a viable document you can use to help you start your business by the end of the course. Let’s bring your dream to life!

    College Prep • UC Approved Elective

  • Exercise Science - Semester

    This course takes an in-depth examination of the effects of exercise on the body. Through this course, students will learn basic anatomy, biomechanics, and physiology, as well as proper principles and techniques to design an effective exercise program. The study of nutrition and human behavior will also be integrated into the course to enhance the students’ comprehension of this multifaceted subject.

    College Prep

  • Fashion Design - Semester

    Are you a fashion trend follower? Are you drawn to how designers have pulled together fabrics and colors to create memorable pieces? Do you dream of designing your own line of clothing or accessories? Learn what it takes to get started in the fashion industry, from the careers available to new technology and trends reshaping the industry every day. Start creating!

    College Prep • UC Approved Elective

  • First Aid & Safety - Semester

    In this course, students learn and practice first aid procedures for a variety of common conditions, including muscular, skeletal, and soft tissue injuries. In addition, students learn how to appropriately respond to a variety of emergency situations. They also learn the procedures for choking and CPR for infants, children, and adults. In addition to emergency response, students will explore personal, household, and outdoor safety, and disaster preparedness.

    College Prep • UC Approved Elective

  • Forensic Science 1: Secrets of the Dead - Semester

    Fingerprints. Blood spatter. DNA analysis. The world of law enforcement is increasingly making use of the techniques and knowledge from the sciences to better understand the crimes that are committed and to catch those individuals responsible for the crimes. Forensic science applies scientific knowledge to the criminal justice system. This course focuses on some of the techniques and practices used by forensic scientists during a crime scene investigation (CSI). Starting with how clues and data are recorded and preserved, the student will follow evidence trails until the CSI goes to trial, examining how various elements of the crime scene are analyzed and processed.

    College Prep • UC Approved Elective

  • Forensic Science 2: More Secrets of the Dead - Semester

    Although the crime scene represents the first step in solving crimes through forensic science, the crime laboratory plays a critical role in the analysis of evidence. This course focuses on the analysis of evidence and testing that takes place within this setting. We will examine some of the basic scientific principles and knowledge that guides forensic laboratory processes, such as those testing DNA, toxicology, and material analysis. Techniques such as microscopy, chromatography, odontology, entomology, mineralogy, and spectroscopy will be examined.

    Prerequisite: Successful completion of Forensic Science 1

    College Prep • UC Approved Elective


  • Forestry & Natural Resources - Semester

    Forests and other natural resources play an important role in our world, from providing lumber and paper products to providing habitat for birds and animals. In the Introduction to Forestry and Natural Resources course, you’ll learn more about forest ecology, management, and conservation. You’ll explore topics such as environmental policy, land use, water resources, and wildlife management. Finally, you’ll learn more about forestry-related careers and important issues facing forestry professionals today.

    College Prep UC • Approved Elective

  • Game Design 1

    Does your love of video games motivate you to pursue a career in this field? Pursue your passion by learning about the principles of game design through the stages of development, iterative process, critiques, and game development tools. Put these new skills to work by designing your own game! In the second semester, use your creativity to develop a game from start to finish! Develop your game creation skills and practice with the tools professionals use to launch your career options in the field of game design. Content of this course also applies to certification exams.

    College Prep • UC Approved Elective

  • Game Design 2

    Are you ready to enter a multi-billion-dollar industry and start applying your technical skills into a compelling package that will catch the eye of an employer? Beginning with the design process and conceptualization, you'll develop your game's story elements, narrative, plot, game characters, and assets. Using game design software, Unity, you will start to create your game and apply lighting, audio, visual effects, player choice options, AI, and consider the type of controls to use for your game—including VR.

    You’ve already done the groundwork, and now it’s time to level up and launch! In the second semester, you’ll take your runner game to new heights and enter the land of fire and ice using the cool tools that Unity has to offer. Get ready to build atmospheric landscapes, mountain runs, stair builds, and implement obstacles to keep your relic safe. Then, your real-world game begins—test and evaluate your game and prepare for a market launch! All of the moving parts of the game development process come together in this course, so you can unleash your game into the world.

    Prerequisite: Successful completion of Game Design 1

    College Prep • UC Approved Elective

  • Gothic Literature: Monster Stories - Semester

    From vampires to ghosts, these frightening stories have influenced fiction writers since the 18th century. This course will focus on the major themes found in Gothic literature and demonstrate how the core writing drivers produce, for the reader, a thrilling psychological environment. Terror versus horror, the influence of the supernatural, and descriptions of the difference between good and evil are just a few of the themes presented. By the time students have completed this course, they will have gained an understanding of and an appreciation for the complex nature of dark fiction.

    College Prep • UC Approved Elective

  • Great Minds in Science: Ideas for a New Generation - Semester

    Is there life on other planets? What extremes can the human body endure? Can we solve the problem of global warming? Today, scientists, explorers, and writers are working to answer all of these questions. Like Edison, Einstein, Curie, and Newton, the scientists of today are asking questions and working on problems that may revolutionize our lives and world. This course focuses on 10 of today’s greatest scientific minds. Each unit takes an in-depth look at one of these individuals, and shows how their ideas may help to shape tomorrow’s world.

    College Prep • UC Approved Elective

  • Health Careers - Semester

    In Health Careers 1, students explore a variety of career options related to the healthcare field, including medicine, nursing, physical therapy, pharmacy, dental careers, sports medicine, personal training, social work, psychology, and more. Students will learn about various options within each field, what each of these jobs entails, and the education and knowledge required to be successful. In addition, they will focus on basic job skills and information that would aid them in health care and other career paths.

    College Prep • UC Approved Elective

  • Health Science 1: The Whole Individual Semester

    Will we ever find a cure for cancer? What treatments are best for conditions like diabetes and asthma? How are illnesses like meningitis, tuberculosis, and the measles identified and diagnosed? Health sciences provide the answers to questions such as these. In this course, students will be introduced to the various disciplines within the health sciences, including toxicology, clinical medicine, and biotechnology. They will explore the importance of diagnostics and research in the identification and treatment of diseases. The course presents information and terminology for the health sciences and examines the contributions of different health science areas.

    College Prep • UC Approved Elective

  • Hospitality & Tourism 1 - Semester

    Where is your dream travel destination? Now imagine working there! You’ll be introduced to a thriving industry that caters to the needs of travelers through managing hotels, restaurants, cruise ships, resorts, theme parks, and any other kind of hospitality you can imagine. Operating busy tourist locations, creating marketing around leisure and travel, spotting trends, and planning events are just a few of the key aspects you will explore within this exciting field.

    College Prep • UC Approved Elective

  • Hospitality & Tourism 2

    If you love working with people, a future in hospitality may be for you. In the first semester, you will learn about what makes the hotel and restaurant industries unique. Learn about large and small restaurants, boutique and resort hotels, and their day-to-day operations. Evaluate the environment for these businesses by examining their customers and their competition. As well, you will discover trends and technological advances that make each industry exciting and innovative. You can explore a variety of interesting job options from Front Desk and Concierge services to Maître d’ and food service.

    Prepare yourself for a high energy career in hotel and restaurant management. In the second semester, learn about different management styles and how to develop job descriptions and business plans. Important topics, such as the laws and regulations that govern hotels and restaurants will also be covered. Preparing menus, advertising vacancies, performing interviews, and how to be financially conscious will all be discussed, making this course a comprehensive tool for those planning on entering the hotel and restaurant management industry.

    Prerequisite: Successful completion of Hospitality & Tourism 1

    College Prep • UC Approved Elective

  • Human Geography: Our Global Identity - Semester

    How do language, religion, and landscape affect the physical environment? How do geography, weather, and location affect customs and lifestyle? Students will explore the diverse ways in which people affect the world around them and how they are affected by their surroundings. Students will discover how ideas spread and cultures form, and learn how beliefs and architecture are part of a larger culture complex. In addition to introducing students to the field of Human Geography, this course will teach students how to analyze humans and their environments.

    College Prep • UC Approved Elective

  • Independent Study - Semester or Full Year

    We believe that life and learning are one and the same. At Laurel Springs, students may receive elective credit for a wide range of life experiences, including research, tutorials, workshops, seminars, conferences, private classes, religious studies, community service, courses taken at a local college, etc. Independent Study is an opportunity for a student to design an elective and delve deeply into a subject of personal interest. It allows a student to express creativity and expand thinking skills.

    College Prep

  • Interior Design - Semester

    Do you have a flair for designing and decorating? If so, this course will show you how to turn your interests and skills into a career. From professionals who own their own business to those working within a larger company, interior designers do it all—from planning the color scheme to choosing furniture and light fixtures—with the end goal of creating a space where people can live or work comfortably, safely, and happily. You’ll learn about color, texture, trends, and styles over time, how homes are built, and “green” options for homes and businesses. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to work with a client to meet their unique needs and style requirements. This course will help you to identify parts of interior design that are most interesting to you, helping you to chart the path for your future.

    College Prep • UC Approved Elective

  • International Business: Global Commerce in the 21st Century - Semester

    From geography to culture Global Business is an exciting topic in the business community today. This course is designed to help students develop the appreciation, knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to live and work in a global marketplace. It takes a global view on business, investigating why and how companies go international and are more interconnected. The course further provides students a conceptual tool by which to understand how economic, social, cultural, political, and legal factors influence both domestic and cross-border business. Business structures, global entrepreneurship, business management, marketing, and the challenges of managing international organizations will all be explored in this course. Students will cultivate a mindfulness of how history, geography, language, cultural studies, research skills, and continuing education are important in both business activities and the 21st century.

    College Prep • UC Approved Elective

  • Introduction to Coaching - Semester

    This course focuses on the various responsibilities of a coach and the skills needed to successfully fill this important position. Throughout the course, students will explore various coaching models and leadership styles, sports nutrition, and sports psychology, as well as safety, conditioning, and cross-training. Students will learn effective communication, problem-solving, and decision-making skills. The course will also introduce students to game strategy, tactical strategy, skills-based training, and coaching ethics.

    College Prep

  • Introduction to Nursing 1 - Semester

    In this course, students will learn about the history and evolution of nursing, education and licensure requirements, career path options, and nursing responsibilities. Students will also focus on foundational information such as basic anatomy, physiology, medical terminology, pharmacology, first aid, and disease prevention. Additional skills of communication, teaching, time and stress management, patient safety, crisis management will be included.

    College Prep • UC Approved Elective

  • Introduction to Nursing 2 - Semester

    In this course, students will examine various nursing theories, as well as focus on the nursing process, including assessment, diagnosis, and treatment options. Students will also learn about professional and legal standards and ethics. Additional skills of communication, teaching, time and stress management, patient safety, and crisis management will be included.

    Prerequisite: Successful completion of Introduction to Nursing 1

    College Prep • UC Approved Elective

  • Journalism 1

    Are you a storyteller at heart? Are you always the first one to know what’s going on at school or in your town and excited to share the latest breaking news? If so, you are the kind of person every online, print, and broadcast news outlet is searching for, and Journalism 1A: Introduction is the perfect course for you! Explore the history of journalism and see how social media and the digital world has changed the way news media operates. Learn the basics of press law as well as the code of ethics journalists should follow.

    Finally, understand how to make your writing and speaking more powerful, and discover the importance of pictures and images when telling a story. If you want to turn your writing, photography, and collaborative skills into an exciting and rewarding career, Journalism 1B: Investigating the Truth is where to begin. Learn how to write a lead that grabs your readers, discover the roles of sources and how to interview them effectively, and explore the best options for researching your story in a digital world. You will also understand the role editors and producers play in the revision process, learn how to prepare your posts for publication, and how to follow the publication process—from the flow of a work day to the layout of a newspaper or a news broadcast.

    College Prep • UC Approved Elective

  • Law & Order: Introduction to Legal Studies - Semester

    Imagine if there were no laws and people could do anything they wanted. It’s safe to say the world would be a pretty chaotic place! Every society needs some form of regulation to ensure peace in our daily lives and in the broader areas of business, family disputes, traffic violations, and the protection of children. Laws are essential to preserving our way of life and must be established and upheld in everyone’s best interest. In Law and Order: Introduction to Legal Studies, you’ll delve deeper into the importance of laws and consider how their application affects us as individuals and communities. Through understanding the court system and how laws are actually enacted, you will learn to appreciate the larger legal process and how it safeguards us all.

    College Prep • UC Approved Elective

  • Leadership Skills Development - Semester

    Leadership Skills Development takes students on a leadership journey, where they explore their own stories and goals and learn how to achieve things they never thought possible. During segment 1, students will explore their own personality strengths, learn how to set MAD goals, and find their North. They will learn about their success GPA, which is more than just the grades they receive but also includes their ability to build their awareness, social, and solution powers. During segment 2, students have the opportunity to use what they have learned and apply tools and strategies to fictitious case studies. The course ends with students researching, planning, and participating in a service project that will benefit their school and/or community.

    College Prep • UC Approved Elective

  • Manufacturing: Product Design & Innovation - Semester

    Think about the last time you visited your favorite store. Have you ever wondered how the products you buy make it to the store shelves? Whether it's video games, clothing, or sports equipment, the goods we purchase must go through a manufacturing process before they can be marketed and sold. In this course, you’ll learn about the types of manufacturing systems and processes used to create the products we buy every day. You’ll also be introduced to the various career opportunities in the manufacturing industry including those for engineers, technicians, and supervisors. As a culminating project, you’ll plan your own manufacturing process for a new product or invention! If you thought manufacturing was little more than mundane assembly lines, this course will show you just how exciting and fruitful the industry can be.

    College Prep • UC Approved Elective

  • Marketing Foundations 1

    Welcome to the fast-paced and exciting world of marketing! You will learn about the role of marketing in business in addition to the basics of business management, customer service, and economics. Also, you will examine how to identify target markets, perform market research, and develop successful marketing strategies. Finally, the legal and ethical considerations of business and marketing are discussed along with the impact of government on business. In the second semester, you will dive deeper into the marketing world with real-world applications and practices. Engage with the marketing mix by studying understanding branding, advertising, promotion strategies, and more. Learn about effective sales techniques and discover employment opportunities to pursue a career in this exciting field!

    College Prep • UC Approved Elective

  • Marketing 2

    Can you think of a brand that first launched in the U.S. and then became popular in other countries? Facebook™ did this very thing! Without a solid understanding of business and international marketing strategy, it becomes nearly impossible to be successful and stand out from the crowd. In the first semester, you’ll find out how business and marketing works around the world! You’ll learn about topics such as regulations, market research, marketing plans, global trends, buying and selling internationally, and more! How does a business make money? If you said sales, then you’re right! The second semester explores the secrets to sales. You’ll learn expectations, best practices, sales planning, building a clientele that becomes long-term buyers, and how to stay motivated to sell, sell, sell! If sales management is your goal, you’ll learn about management styles, how to find, hire, train, motivate, and compensate your team.

    Prerequisite: Successful completion of Marketing Foundations 1

    College Prep • UC Approved Elective

  • Medical Terminology - Semester

    In this course students will be introduced to basic medical language and terminology that they would need to enter a health care field. Emphasis will be placed on definitions, proper usage, spelling, and pronunciation. They will study word structure and parts, including roots, prefixes, and suffixes, as well as symbols and abbreviations. They will examine medical terms from each of the body’s main systems, including skeletal, muscular, cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, urinary, nervous, endocrine, reproductive, and lymphatic systems, and sensory organs. In addition, students will learn proper terminology for common tests, procedures, pharmacology, disease, and conditions.

    College Prep • UC Approved Elective

  • Military Careers - Semester

    You’ve probably seen an old movie about a hotshot naval aviator, or perhaps a more recent film about the daring actions of Special Forces operatives. But do you really know what careers the military can offer you? Introduction to Military Careers will provide the answers. The military is far more diverse and offers many more career opportunities and tracks than most people imagine. In Introduction to Military Careers, you’ll learn not only about the four branches of the military (and the Coast Guard) but also about the types of jobs you might pursue in each branch. From aviation to medicine, law enforcement to dentistry, the military can be an outstanding place to pursue your dreams.

    College Prep • UC Approved Elective

  • Mythology & Folklore: Legendary Tales - Semester

    Since the beginning of time, people have gathered around fires to tell stories of angry gods, harrowing journeys, cunning animals, horrible beasts, and the mighty heroes who vanquished them. Mythology and folklore have provided a way for these colorful stories to spring to life for thousands of years and helped humans make sense of the world. Explore how these compelling tales continue to shape society even today.

    College Prep • UC Approved Elective


  • National Security - Semester

    Do you know what it takes to keep an entire nation safe? It not only requires knowledge of how to handle disasters, but it also demands a cool head and tremendous leadership abilities. In National Security, you will have the opportunity to learn about the critical elements of the job, such as evaluating satellite information, analyzing training procedures, assessing military engagement, preparing intelligence reports, coordinating information with other security agencies, and applying appropriate actions to various threats. Put yourself in the position of the country’s decisive leaders and develop your own knowledge base and skill set necessary to meet the requirements of our nation’s most demanding career.

    College Prep • UC Approved Elective

  • Nutrition - Semester

    This course takes students through a comprehensive study of nutritional principles and guidelines. Students will learn about worldwide views of nutrition, nutrient requirements, physiological processes, food labeling, healthy weight management, diet-related diseases, food handling, nutrition for different populations, and more. Students will gain important knowledge and skills to aid them in attaining and maintaining a healthy and nutritious lifestyle.

    College Prep • UC Approved Elective

  • Peer Counseling - Semester

    Helping people achieve their goals is one of the most rewarding of human experiences. Peer counselors help individuals reach their goals by offering them support, encouragement, and resource information. This course explains the role of a peer counselor, teaches the observation, listening, and empathic communication skills that counselors need, and provides basic training in conflict resolution, and group leadership. Not only will this course prepare you for working as a peer counselor, but the skills taught will enhance your ability to communicate effectively in your personal and work relationships.

    College Prep • UC Approved Elective

  • Personal & Family Finance - Semester

    How do our personal financial habits affect our financial future? How can we make smart decisions with our money in the areas of saving, spending, and investing? This course introduces students to basic financial habits such as setting financial goals, budgeting, and creating financial plans. Students will learn more about topics such as taxation, financial institutions, credit, and money management. The course also addresses how occupations and educational choices can influence personal financial planning, and how individuals can protect themselves from identity theft.

    College Prep • UC Approved Elective

  • Personal Psychology 1: The Road to Self-Discovery - Semester

    Self-knowledge is the key to self-improvement! Psychology is a subject that can be applied to everyday life. New research and ideas will change the way we view ourselves and each other. Through a careful examination of the history of psychology and its evolution, students will be able to better appreciate the nature of the mind. This course offers exciting online psychology experiments about our own behavior and how we behave with other people.

    College Prep • UC Approved Elective

  • Personal Psychology 2: Living in a Complex World - Semester

    Enrich the quality of your life by learning to understand the actions of others! Topics include the study of memory, intelligence, emotion, health, stress and personality. This course offers exciting online psychology experiments about the world around us.

    Prerequisite: Successful completion of Personal Psychology 1

    College Prep • UC Approved Elective

  • Personal Training Career Prep - Semester

    This course examines the role and responsibilities of a personal trainer. Students will learn the steps to become a personal trainer, including performing fitness assessments, designing safe and effective workouts, and proper nutrition principles. Concepts of communication and motivation will be discussed, as well as exercise modifications and adaptations for special populations. Students will also examine certification requirements, business and marketing procedures, and concerns about liability and ethics. In addition, throughout the course, students will be able to explore various exercises, equipment, and tools that can be used for successful personal training.

    College Prep

  • Personal Training Concepts - Semester

    This course examines basic concepts in fitness that are important for personal fitness, as well as necessary foundational information for any health or exercise career field. Areas of study include musculoskeletal anatomy and physiology, terms of movement, basic biomechanics, health-related components of fitness, FITT principles, functional fitness skills, safety and injury prevention, posture and technique, nutrition, and weight management. This course is a good preparatory course for students interested in or wishing to pursue a career in health, sports, or fitness. It provides fundamental information about health and fitness that would be necessary for any fitness career field.

    College Prep

  • Philosophy: The Big Picture - Semester

    This course will take you on an exciting adventure that covers more than 2,500 years of history! Along the way, you’ll run into some very strange characters. For example, you’ll read about a man who hung out on street corners, barefoot and dirty, pestering everyone he met with questions. You’ll learn about another eccentric who climbed inside a stove to think about whether he existed. Despite their odd behavior, these and other philosophers of the Western world are among the most brilliant and influential thinkers of all time. As you learn about these great thinkers, you’ll come to see how and where many of the most fundamental ideas of Western Civilization originated. You’ll also get a chance to ask yourself some of the same questions these great thinkers pondered. By the time you’ve “closed the book” on this course, you will better understand yourself and the world around you…from atoms to outer space…and everything in between.

    College Prep • UC Approved Elective

  • Principles of Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources - Semester

    Food has to travel from the farm to the table, and in Agriculture and Natural Resources, you will learn about all of the steps in that journey, beginning with the history of agriculture through animal husbandry, plant science, and managing our use of natural resources. In this course, you will receive a broad understanding of the subject matter, preparing you for future hands-on learning, participation in Future Farmers of America, and supervised agricultural experiences.

    College Prep • UC Approved Elective

  • Principles of Business, Marketing, and Finance 1

    Gain fundamental knowledge that will help you pursue a career in business! You will explore the different types of businesses and ownership forms, the impact of governments on business, and the marketing of goods and services. You will also engage with the principles of globalization, free trade, and various economic systems. Finally, the impact of technology on business, business ethics, and social responsibility are discussed, providing you with a foundational knowledge of business.

    In the second semester, you will expand your knowledge of the basics to explore advanced topics, such as marketing strategy, banking, and investments. Finally, examine employability skills and careers in business, finance, and marketing as well as various entrepreneurship opportunities.

    College Prep • UC Approved Elective

  • Principles of Information Technology 1

    Develop your understanding of computers and increase your proficiency! Learn about computer hardware, Von Neumann architecture, peripherals, and maintenance as well as data management and storage options. Trace the history of operating systems and application software while also exploring network systems, administration, and troubleshooting. Finally, dive into word processing, spreadsheets, and databases to cement your knowledge of information technology! In the second semester, you will gain further knowledge of information technology.

    Starting with an overview of programming, algorithms, and compilers, students will then learn the basics of web page design and creating graphics. You will also explore security and cybercrime, emerging technologies, presentation software, and intellectual property laws. Finally, you will prepare for the future by discovering various careers in this field and planning your education!

    College Prep • UC Approved Elective

  • Principles of Public Service: To Serve & Protect - Semester

    Are you familiar with the term "public service"? When we think about public service, our thoughts often turn to professionals such as police officers, EMTs, and firefighters. While these are well‐known public servants, many others work to keep our communities safe, healthy, and productive. In this course, you'll learn about many different areas of public service including education, civil engineering, and social services. You'll also look at the requirements for public service in general as well as the specific skills needed to be successful in each area of public service. Who knows? You may even discover the career you were meant to pursue!

    College Prep • UC Approved Elective

  • Public Speaking 1

    Does the thought of speaking in front of people make you break out in hives? Maybe you want tips on how to make that first great impression? In both cases, this course may be just what you need. In the first semester, you will learn from famous orators, like Aristotle and Cicero, understand the influence of rhetoric, and discover how to recognize bias, prejudice, and propaganda. You will also learn how to plan a speech, build an argument, and communicate effectively, while collaborating with others. Grab your notes and get ready to conquer public speaking! If you’ve learned the basics and are ready to expand your public speaking skills, the second semester is for you.

    In the second semester, you’ll master the fundamentals of public speaking through practice and eventually learn to speak confidently in front of large groups. Explore the use of inductive and deductive reasoning, learn how to prepare a speech outline, and discover how to write your own speech using correct and emotive language. This course will also help you to develop self-efficacy and self-esteem, reduce your fear of public speaking, and teach you how to use body language effectively. You’ll also learn how to stand back and critically examine your own work in order to identify areas for improvement.

    College Prep • UC Approved Elective

  • Real World Parenting - Semester

    What is the best way to care for children and teach them self-confidence and a sense of responsibility? Parenting involves more than having a child and providing food and shelter. Learn what to prepare for, what to expect, and what vital steps parents can take to create the best environment for their children. Parenting roles and responsibilities, nurturing and protective environments for children, positive parenting strategies, and effective communication in parent/child relationships are some of the topics covered in this course.

    College Prep • UC Approved Elective

  • Renewable Technologies - Semester

    Interested in transforming energy? With concerns about climate change and growing populations’ effects on traditional energy supplies, scientists, governments, and societies are increasingly turning to renewable and innovative energy sources. In the Introduction to Renewable Technologies course, you’ll learn all about the cutting-edge field of renewable energy and the exciting new technologies that are making it possible. You’ll explore new ways of generating energy and storing that energy, from biofuels to high-capacity batteries and smart electrical grids. You’ll also learn more about the environmental and social effects of renewable technologies and examine how people’s energy decisions impact policies.

    College Prep • UC Approved Elective

  • Restaurant Management - Semester

    Have you always dreamed of running your own restaurant? Maybe you want to manage a restaurant for a famous chef. What goes on beyond the dining room in a restaurant can determine whether a restaurant is a wild success or a dismal failure. In Restaurant Management, you’ll learn the responsibilities of running a restaurant—from ordering supplies to hiring and firing employees. This course covers the different types of restaurants; managing kitchen and wait staff; food safety and hygiene; customer relations; marketing; using a point-of-sale system; scheduling employees; and dealing with difficult guests. Restaurant Management will prepare you for a steady career, whether you plan to buy a fast food franchise, operate a casual sit-down restaurant, or oversee a fine-dining establishment.

    College Prep • UC Approved Elective

  • SAT Preparation - Semester

    Students will use adaptive content that builds on each section of the redesigned SAT. Students will take a diagnostic for each section and then complete lessons and practice questions before taking a practice exam. Students will take three full-length SAT practice exams. This course is taken as Pass/Fail only.

    College Prep

  • Social Media: Our Connected World - Semester

    Do you have any social media accounts? Learn the ins and outs of such social media platforms as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and more and how to use them for your benefit personally, academically, and, eventually, professionally. If you thought social media platforms were just a place to keep track of friends and share personal photos, this course will show you how to use these resources in much more powerful ways.

    College Prep • UC Approved Elective

  • Social Problems 1: A World in Crisis - Semester

    Students will become aware of the challenges faced by social groups, as well as learn about the complex relationship among societies, governments, and the individual. Each unit is focused on a particular area of concern, often within a global context. Possible solutions at both the structural level as well as that of the individual will be examined. Students will not only learn more about how social problems affect them personally but begin to develop the skills necessary to help make a difference in their own lives and communities, not to mention globally.

    College Prep • UC Approved Elective

  • Social Problems 2: Crisis, Conflicts, & Challenges - Semester

    The Social Problems 2 course continues to examine timely social issues affecting individuals and societies around the globe. Students learn about the overall structure of the social problem as well as how it impacts their lives. Each unit focuses on a particular social problem, including racial discrimination, drug abuse, the loss of community, and urban sprawl, and discusses possible solutions at both individual and structural levels. For each issue, students examine the connections in the global arena involving societies, governments, and the individual.

    Prerequisite: Successful completion of Social Problems 1

    College Prep • UC Approved Elective

  • Sociology 1: The Study of Human Relationships - Semester

    The world is becoming more complex. How do your beliefs, values, and behavior affect the people around you and the world in which we live? Students will examine social problems in our increasingly connected world, and learn how human relationships can strongly influence and impact their lives. Exciting online video journeys to an array of areas in the sociological world are an important component of this relevant and engaging course.

    College Prep • UC Approved Elective

  • Sociology 2: Your Social Life - Semester

    Sociology is the study of people, social life, and society. By developing a “sociological imagination” students will be able to examine how society itself shapes human action and beliefs…and how in turn these factors re-shape society itself! Fascinating online videos journeys will not only inform students but motivate them to still seek more knowledge on their own.

    Prerequisite: Successful completion of Sociology 1

    College Prep • UC Approved Elective

  • Sports & Entertainment Marketing 1

    The bright lights. The roaring crowds. The chants and cheers and applause. If you are drawn to the electricity of large events and the challenge of making events successful, a career in sports and entertainment marketing may be for you! In the first semester, you will trace the development of these industries, dissect their dual nature, and discover what it takes to pitch, promote, and deliver on these services. You’ll also explore the necessary steps to chart your own career path from among the professional roles that these industries need to operate.

    Let’s get off the sidelines and hop into the primetime of the sporting and entertainment worlds! Get ready to drop your spectator status for an all-access pass to enter the exciting world of sports and entertainment marketing!

    In the second semester, you’ll secure a solid foundation of effective marketing by studying the different roles and levels and how they relate to one another. Then, you’ll explore the modern marketing methods professionals use to take an event concept and make it successful. Finally, you’ll get up to speed on industry terminology and touchpoints with the help of HR. Get ready to flash that pass and gain all-star access to the stage and arena!

    College Prep • UC Approved Elective

  • Sports Officiating - Semester

    In this course, students will learn the rules, game play, and guidelines for a variety of sports, including soccer, baseball, softball, basketball, volleyball, football, and tennis. In addition, they will learn the officiating calls and hand signals for each sport, as well as the role a sport official plays in maintaining fair play. The course will also highlight the history of sports, the roles other participants have in a sporting event, equipment necessary for play, and how to take score for the various sports.

    College Prep

  • Strength Training - Semester

    This one-semester course focuses on the fitness components of muscular strength and endurance. Throughout this course, students establish their fitness level, set goals, and design their own resistance training program. They study muscular anatomy and learn specific exercises to strengthen each muscle or muscle group. Students focus on proper posture and technique while training. They also gain an understanding of how to apply the FITT principles and other fundamental exercise principles, such as progression and overload, to strength training

    College Prep

  • The Lord of the Rings: An Exploration of the Films & Their Literary Influences - Semester

    The Lord of the Rings is one of the most popular stories in the modern world. In this course, you will study the movie versions of J.R.R. Tolkien’s novel and learn about the process of converting literature to film. You will explore fantasy literature as a genre and critique the three Lord of the Rings films.

    College Pre • UC Approved Elective

  • Theater, Cinema, & Film Production 1

    Theater and cinema are both forms of art that tell a story. Let’s explore the enchanting world of live theater and its fascinating relationship to the silver screen. Explore the different genres of both and how to develop the script for stage and film. Then dive into how to bring the script to life with acting and directing. If you have a passion for the art of film and stage, let’s bring your creativity to life! Whether you’re a performer, critic, or fan, you’ll pull back the curtain to dive deeper into the making of movies and theater performances. Explore multiple facets of the production process from both theater and film. Gain insights from industry leaders along the way and learn to think critically about different aspects to develop your unit-by-unit blog. You’ll fully understand how high-quality entertainment and art are crafted for the theater and the silver screen.

    College Prep • UC Approved Elective

  • Upper School Seminar - Semester or Full Year Based on Placement

    As part of our college prep program, each full-time Upper School student must complete a required grade-level specific college and life planning Seminar, earning 0.50 Elective credit per Seminar. These courses include a wide variety of resources and a wealth of knowledge within a delivery that is appropriate for each grade level. The College Counselor guides the student through the course, offering support and personalized feedback throughout their Laurel Springs experience and in preparing for life after graduation.

    Along with the course, students receive access to Naviance, a comprehensive, college and career readiness platform that promotes self-discovery, career exploration, academic planning, and college preparation. Through a series of self-assessments, goal-setting exercises, career inventories, and related course projects and assignments, students will identify and attain the skills, knowledge, and resources necessary to follow their selected college and career paths. Spanning students’ enrollments each school year, the Seminar courses address various topics relating to each grade level.

    • Upper school transition and strategies for success
    • Skill development supported with goal setting, time management, organization, and study skills
    • Academic planning
    • Career exploration, research, and list building
    • Extracurricular and leadership development
    • Resume writing
    • Interview skill practice
    • Standardized exam preparation
    • College exploration, research, and list building based on academic profile, needs, and preferences
    • Admissions process and application guidance
    • College essay coaching
    • Letters of recommendation
    • Athletic recruitment advisement


  • Veterinary Science The Care of Animals - Semester

    As animals play an increasingly important role in our lives, scientists have sought to learn more about their health and well-being. Taking a look at the pets that live in our homes, on our farms, and in zoos and wildlife sanctuaries, this course will examine some of the common diseases and treatments for domestic animals. Toxins, parasites, and infectious diseases impact not only the animals around us, but at times…we humans as well! Through veterinary medicine and science, the prevention and treatment of diseases and health issues is studied and applied.

    College Prep • UC Approved Elective

  • Women’s Studies: A Personal Journey Through Film - Semester

    This course, although looking specifically at the experiences of women, is not for girls only. If you are a student interested in exploring the world through film and open minded enough to be interested in social change, this course is for you.

    College Prep • UC Approved Elective

  • World Mythology

    In this course, students will be examining myths from around the world. Students may encounter myths that are already familiar to them, as well as some that are completely new. Students will read and interpret myths, explore how myths are used in art and literature, and contemplate myths as they continue to exist in popular culture. They engage in a wide variety of activities, including practicing writing strategies, essays, creative writing, speeches and presentations, hands‐on art projects, and plenty of personal response. This course utilizes the skills and abilities students have been honing in their high school English courses.

    College Prep • NCAA Approved English

  • World Religions: Exploring Diversity - Semester

    Throughout the ages, religions from around the world have shaped the political, social, and cultural aspects of societies. This course focuses on the major religions that have played a role in human history, including Buddhism, Christianity, Confucianism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Shintoism, and Taoism. Students will trace the major developments in these religions and explore their relationships with social institutions and culture. The course will also discuss some of the similarities and differences among the major religions and examine the connections and influences they have.

    College Prep • UC Approved Elective

AP® Electives

  • AP® Computer Science Principles

    Computer Science Principles (AP® CSP) introduces students to the foundational concepts of computer science and challenges them to explore how computing and technology can impact the world. With a unique focus on creative problem solving and real-world applications, AP CSP prepares students for college and careers. This course introduces students to the foundational concepts of computer science and explores the impact computing and technology has on our society.

    With a unique focus on creative problem solving and real-world applications, the AP Computer Science Principles course gives students the opportunity to explore several important topics of computing using their own ideas and creativity, use the power of computing to create artifacts of personal value, and develop an interest in computer science that will foster further endeavors in the field

    Advanced Placement • UC Honors Approved Science


    The level of rigor in these AP® Electives courses is equivalent to that required of students in a freshman or sophomore college course in this area of study. These courses have been audited and approved by the College Board and prepare students for the College Board Advanced Placement® examination.

  • AP® Research

    + AP® Research, the second course in the AP® Capstone experience, is a course that allows students to deeply explore an academic topic, problem, issue, or idea of individual interest. Students design, plan, and implement a yearlong investigation to address a research question. Through this inquiry, they further the skills they acquired in the AP Seminar course by learning research methodology, employing ethical research practices, and accessing, analyzing, and synthesizing information. Students reflect on their skill development, document their processes, and curate the artifacts of their scholarly work through a process and reflection portfolio. The course culminates in an academic paper of 4,000–5,000 words (accompanied by a performance, exhibit, or product where applicable) and a presentation with an oral defense.

    Available to 11th and 12th grade students; Workshop component required

    Prerequisite: Successful completion of AP® Seminar

    The level of rigor in these AP® Electives courses is equivalent to that required of students in a freshman or sophomore college course in this area of study. These courses have been audited and approved by the College Board and prepare students for the College Board Advanced Placement® examination.

  • AP® Seminar

    + AP® Seminar is a foundational course that engages students in cross-curricular conversations that explore the complexities of academic and real-world topics and issues by analyzing divergent perspectives. Students explore these complexities via thematic connections between multiple lenses (e.g., cultural, social, artistic, philosophical, political, historical, environmental, economic, scientific, ethical). Using an inquiry framework, students practice reading and analyzing articles, research studies, and foundational, literary, and philosophical texts. Course activities may include listening to and viewing speeches, broadcasts, personal accounts, artistic works and performances. Students learn to synthesize information from multiple sources, develop their own perspectives in written essays, and design and deliver oral and visual presentations, both individually and as part of a team. Ultimately, the course aims to equip students with the power to analyze and evaluate information with accuracy and precision in order to craft and communicate evidence-based arguments.

    Available to 10th and 11th grade students; Workshop component required

    Prerequisite: Successful completion of a prior or concurrent enrollment in an AP course

    The level of rigor in these AP® Electives courses is equivalent to that required of students in a freshman or sophomore college course in this area of study. These courses have been audited and approved by the College Board and prepare students for the College Board Advanced Placement® examination.

AP® Electives

AP® is a trademark registered by the College Board, which is not affiliated with, and does not endorse, this website.
How to sign up for the AP Exam as a homeschool student

Laurel Springs does not administer AP®exams, nor do we assist students in finding a testing location. Students wishing to take an AP® exam are responsible for finding their own physical testing location and having a test ordered for them by following the process for independent students.

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