Middle School 7th Grade Courses

Our 7th grade curriculum builds upon the foundation of core courses established in 6th grade and provides opportunities to explore more advanced math courses such as pre-algebra. Our world language courses and electives further enhance students’ learning experiences. Laurel Springs’ 7th grade curriculum offers a dynamic and comprehensive online learning experience for students, preparing them for future academic and personal growth.

7th Grade

  • English

    This research-based course provides structured lessons on reading comprehension, critical reading and analysis, composition, vocabulary, grammar, usage, and mechanics. Lessons are designed to develop comprehension, hone critical reading skills, build vocabulary, and help students evaluate and apply the ideas they have learned from their reading. Students practice writing throughout the course using analysis and critical thinking skills.

  • World Cultures

    This course is an exploration of the exciting world we live in. Students will explore the various cultures and geographic regions, and analyze how they affect the people who live around the world. The goal in World Cultures is to broaden our knowledge; and, gain a better understanding of our neighbors wherever they may live on this place called Earth.

  • 7th Grade Math

    7th Grade Math is designed to further prepare students for the rigor of upcoming math courses. In the first semester, students will work with problem-solving skills, beginning algebra skills, geometry, decimals, fractions, data analysis, number theory and patterns, percents and integer use. Two projects will be used to measure the student’s ability to integrate and apply the course objectives. In the second semester, in addition to continuing some of the concepts already started, students will work with unit conversions, proportions and rates, squares and square roots, permutations and combinations, and probability. Real-life application of concepts is emphasized in all units.

  • Pre-Algebra

    The Pre-Algebra program provides students with solid preparation for algebra and geometry. Students will build on previously developed arithmetic skills to expand their algebraic thinking skills. Students will cover topics including solving equations and inequalities containing fractions and decimals, ratios, linear functions, graphing, spatial thinking, finding area and volume of geometric figures, and right triangles. The course also provides numerous opportunities to assess basic skills along with abundant remediation and intervention activities found throughout the course. In all, this is a comprehensive program that will provide students with a solid foundation for higher-level math courses.

  • Science

    7th Grade Science is a comprehensive science including the disciplines of life science, physical science, and earth-space science in addition to technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) concepts. The course is designed for middle school students. The lessons provide real-world connections through the application of STEM problem solving, science knowledge, and engineering practices. Laboratory investigations are included throughout the course and provide students opportunities for exploration through scientific inquiry, research, measurement, problem-solving, and experimental procedures.

  • Health & Physical Education

    In this course, students will learn how short and long-term nutritional choices impact health and physical activity, how to prevent injury and violence, in addition to creating a personal-safety plan, and the importance of establishing goals for improving personal and community health. Three hours of weekly physical activity are required to be logged throughout the course.

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