Unlock Your Potential This Summer at Laurel Springs School!

Are you ready for a summer filled with growth, achievement, and fun? Our private, online K-12 summer courses offer the perfect opportunity for students to get ahead, catch up, stay sharp or simply indulge in exciting learning experiences - wherever summer takes them!

Our Summer Program begins on May 8th and runs through September 4th

We offer year-long courses to be completed in eight weeks, semester-long courses to be completed in four weeks, several intensive six-week courses, as well as week-long camps.

Laurel Springs Online Summer Program

Elementary School

Laurel Springs offers a wonderful variety of week-long virtual summer camps for younger learners – giving them a chance to explore STEM challenges, dig into LEGO® or Minecraft®, or explore learning through art, space, and food. These camps are led by experienced Laurel Springs teachers and allow our younger students to connect with grade-level peers from across the world. Click below to get started!

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Middle School

Whether they are looking for extra practice, to get ahead in a certain subject area, or are hoping to build crucial skills for high school and beyond, Laurel Springs is here for middle schoolers!

  • Self-paced 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Math and 8th grade English courses.

  • A new 6-week hybrid Pre-Algebra course that allows students to complete a full year of content through a combination of independent study and daily live instruction

  • Pre-Algebra and Algebra Readiness courses

  • Electives like digital art and photography to feed their creative spirit

  • English Readiness Camp to build rising 6th grade students’ skills for success in middle school 

Explore these and much more below!

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High School

Summer is an ideal time for high school students to fulfill graduation requirements, delve deeper into topics of interest, and prepare for college applications. 

Our High School summer catalog offers:

  • A wide selection of 4-week and 8-week self-paced courses in English, Math, Science, Social Studies, World Languages, and Electives – with Honors and AP®-level options available
  • 6-week hybrid Geometry course to complete a full year of coursework through a combination of independent study and daily live instruction
  • Rising 9th grade English Readiness Camp to build study skills in preparation for high school
  • College Applications 101 and College Essay Writing Workshop
  • College Athletics Bootcamp for student-athletes to learn about the NCAA eligibility and recruitment process

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Start/End Date Reference Guide

4-Week Summer Course Sessions

Start Date End Date Enrollment Deadline
May 8 June 5 May 3
May 15 June 12 May 10
May 22 June 18 May 17
May 29 June 26 May 24
June 5 July 3 May 31
June 12 July 10 June 7
June 18 July 17 June 14
June 26 July 24 June 21
July 3 July 31 June 28
July 10 August 7 July 5
July 17 August 14 July 12
July 24 August 21 July 19
July 31 August 28 July 26
August 7 September 4 August 2

8-Week Summer Course Sessions

Start Date End Date Enrollment Deadline
May 22 July 17 May 17
May 29 July 24 May 24
June 5 July 31 May 31
June 12 August 7 June 7
June 18 August 14 June 14
June 26 August 21 June 21
July 3 August 28 June 28
July 10 September 4 July 5
July 18   September 11 July 12 
July 24  September 18   July 19
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I had the best experience at Laurel Springs. Not only were the teachers very helpful when needed, but I also gained the best time management skills that have helped me develop the discipline I have today. Just like the real world, there are many occasions where unsupervised work goes a long way and Laurel Springs was a big part of that lesson.”

Roberto Luconi, MBA

Laurel Springs School, Class of 2015

Take Your Summer Offline with Spring Education Group

As part of the Spring Education Group family, we’re excited to partner with other premier private school programs across the country to offer more in-person summer learning opportunities than ever before!

If you are seeking an in-person summer program that combines academic excellence with interactivity and connection, Spring Education Group’s diverse range of options could be the perfect fit for your child. Explore what’s available in your area by visiting their website today!

Laurel Springs is excited to partner with other premier private school programs across the country to offer more in-person summer learning opportunities.

Summer Program FAQ's

  • How do I enroll my student in the summer program?

    Visit our Elementary, Middle, or High School catalogs to browse our course offerings. You can review details about a specific course or add it directly to your cart. When you’ve completed the checkout process, an Admissions Coordinator will contact you to complete your registration.

  • Do you offer NCAA-approved summer courses for student-athletes?

    Yes, Laurel Springs does offer NCAA-approved summer courses! When viewing a course catalog, click “Learn More” on the specific course that you’re interested in. At the base of the Course Details table, you will see whether or not the course is NCAA-approved.
  • What is my role in my child's online summer program as a parent?

    Our elementary school camps are synchronous, meaning that students log onto our platform and connect with their teacher and peers in a live session. Parents may need to help guide coursework for middle school students taking summer courses. High school students taking summer courses should be able to set their schedules and work through their lessons with minimal supervision.

    View Parent Resources

  • What are the technology requirements for summer school?

    Summer school students need a standard laptop or desktop computer with Windows or Mac OS support, plus an up-to-date browser and access to high-speed internet. Some courses require speakers and a microphone, and some require a printer and scanner.

    View Technology Requirements
  • Can I take summer courses online?

    Elementary, middle, and high school students can take summer courses online! Laurel Springs offers online summer programming for grades K-12.

Parent/Guardian Information

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