Onboarding and Orientation

Prepare for Your Online Learning Experience

Approximately two weeks before the enrollment start date, each new student at Laurel Springs receives access to our online orientation course. Participating in this orientation experience is an important part of each student’s transition to online learning.

Developed as a road map with all the necessary tools to ensure each student has a rich and positive experience, the Laurel Springs School online school onboarding process helps students and their families begin the transition to remote learning.

Orientation Topics

How to Get Started
The Honor Code
How to Get Help

In addition, students will learn how to:

  • Navigate through their courses and the interactive grade book in order to maximize their learning experience
  • Develop a relationship and communicate with teachers
  • Create a personal schedule and time management plan based on individual needs, and extracurricular commitments
  • Get involved in collaborative learning and social life opportunities, including extracurricular clubs and our private online social network

Onboarding for Success

Our top priority is to help your family have a positive and successful experience at Laurel Springs. We offer an instructional video that will help you navigate our Learning Management System and answer frequently asked questions.

Additionally, new families are invited to attend a weekly Q&A session where we can answer any questions you may have before you begin.

Start Your Online Learning Journey

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