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Engaging in Your Child's Learning Experience

Whether you have a child currently enrolled in Laurel Springs or are considering online education, it’s important to recognize your role as a parent in this type of learning environment.

The role of the parent—or academic coach—is to provide organization and structure, create a proper learning environment, and promote consistency in the learning process. Parents also act as learning companions, facilitators, and advocates for their children. They help build and sustain a positive relationship with the school and work closely with teachers to ensure a successful learning experience.

Get to Know Your Student's Team

All students receive support throughout their academic journey at Laurel Springs—from experienced and devoted teachers to college counselors.

Beginning in kindergarten and continuing through graduation, expert counselors with a wealth of knowledge ensure that each student’s learning path, pace, and goals are recognized. In Lower School, our age-specific counseling program meets students’ academic and social needs while also introducing career and college pathways as appropriate. In Upper School, students are supported by Laurel Springs’ College Counselors who cultivate lasting relationships with their students and parents, while helping students prepare for successful transitions to college and careers.

It is important for parents to have open lines of communication with their child’s teachers. An ongoing dialogue allows parents to understand their child’s academic progress and help keep them engaged in the learning process.

Following and Supporting Your Child's Progress

Our teachers provide meaningful, individualized feedback linked to assignment objectives in our Learning Management System (LMS). This feedback allows students to grow and learn throughout their coursework.

Additionally, parents can view course material, current and past grades, student to-do lists, teacher feedback, and more through their Observer account in the LMS. Keeping up with their child’s progress allows parents to have productive discussions about their strengths, successes, challenges, and areas of improvement.

Connect with Other Laurel Springs Families

Laurel Springs families can be valuable resources for parents of new or returning students. Our regional Facebook groups allow you the opportunity to connect with other Laurel Springs families in your area. These groups are a great way to set up meet-and-greets or look for feedback and recommendations from families with shared interests.

Parents are also invited to attend the monthly Community Connections events, which are designed to give parents a way to connect with one another and share stories, ask questions, and offer recommendations.

Finally, our Parent Ambassadors are devoted Laurel Springs parents who are willing and able to answer questions, swap stories, and share tips on how to navigate this new online learning process. They come from all over the world, have students enrolled in various grade levels, and are involved in a variety of extracurricular activities. The one thing they all have in common—they’re proud to be a part of the Laurel Springs community!

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Support Your Student Every Step of the Way

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Laying the Foundation in Lower School

Online students in kindergarten through grade 5 require a lot of support from their parents or academic coaches and educators. Laurel Springs provides a variety of academic resources to create a proper learning progression, but much responsibility falls on parents or academic coaches to ensure successful completion of assignments and projects. A daily routine for students in this age group should include a variety of activities and breaks to help children stay engaged and on task.

Furthermore, parents need to monitor and recognize their child’s comprehension in order to successfully partner with their teachers at Laurel Springs. This helps to mold the student’s lessons and learning pace.

Shifting to Independence in Middle School

The Middle School years are a transformative time for students, and Laurel Springs aims to help parents contribute to their success by providing age- and academic level-appropriate resources.

Parents of students in grades 6 through 8 can allow their children more independence. While parents still need to assist with some lessons and coursework, children must have the opportunity to think critically and solve problems more independently at this stage.

Additionally, this freedom makes it even more imperative that parents monitor how well their child’s progress and comprehension. Parents should communicate with teachers regularly to help develop learning plans.

Taking Ownership in Upper School

As students in grades 9–12 become more capable of directing their studies, parents can move into more of a supporting role in their child’s academics. Students should create and act on their own schedules at this stage.

Students are encouraged to meet with their College Counselors and communicate directly with them via Naviance. Resources for Upper School parents include Observer accounts to monitor their child’s progress, ability to connect with their child’s College Counselor, and access to Naviance for observing their child’s college plans. This allows students to take true ownership of their education and future goals, while giving parents a window into their progress.

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