How P.E. Works in an Online School


Physical education is a part of almost every curriculum. P.E. often pairs with health education, teaching students vital health and fitness skills to build healthy habits and promote student wellness. Nutrition also plays a part in health education, teaching students to practice healthy eating and what makes a balanced diet. With both courses, students develop the tools to be their best selves, physically and mentally.

According to the CDC, physical education in schools can help students improve their grades and test scores and stay on task in the classroom. Students often engage in physical activity at every grade level, but depending on where your child attends school, physical education may vary.

Physical education in traditional public schools

Oftentimes, public schools must meet legal requirements mandated and regulated by the state. Most states have loose guidelines for all grade levels. On the other hand, some states require a certain amount of time spent in P.E. from middle school to high school, requiring it as a daily activity.

Traditionally, students see P.E. take the form of all kinds of physical activity, from jumping rope in elementary school to playing dodgeball in middle school to running a mile in high school. These activities are led by physical educators in person during a certain time in the day.

Physical education in online schools

Physical education is a part of any great online curriculum. However, P.E. looks different than it may in traditional elementary, middle, and high schools.

P.E. is flexible in online schools. Students have the power to choose what exercises they will engage in, but the activity itself isn’t online. Normally, a student will go offline to get active and will later submit an activity log to their teacher.

Online school P.E. time requirements vary, but students have the freedom to get active in all kinds of ways! In an online education program, exercise can be going for a swim, doing yoga, bicycling, walking, or hiking. For student-athletes, P.E. can take the form of training, practice, or recovery sessions. With the freedom to choose, students are more motivated to get active. Some fun ideas for P.E. in online school are playing activity games like Just Dance or Ring Fit Adventure on the Nintendo Switch, an obstacle course, a game of frisbee, jumping on the trampoline, rock climbing, or even skateboarding.

Furthermore, P.E. can be at any time. Students can wait until the sun sets, the rain stops, and avoid bad weather altogether. There’s no need to worry about sweaty clothes or changing quickly to rush back to class.

Flexible physical education at Laurel Springs School

No matter where your student attends school, physical education is crucial for their growth and health. At Laurel Springs School, upper school students take two credits of P.E. to graduate and spend a minimum of three hours performing physical activity a week. With our self-paced, asynchronous courses, students can pick the time, place, and exercise of their choice.

Learn more about our private online school and how our flexible program transforms students into lifelong learners by attending an upcoming open house.