Plan to Play: NCAA-Approved Program for Student-Athletes

    The Academy at Laurel Springs is a personalized college-prep program preparing students in grades 6-12 to meet their collegiate dreams. Balance your training, academics, and achieve NCAA eligibility with our NCAA-approved program.
    Collegiate and NCAA Successes

    The Class of 2022 Knocked it Out of the Park

    • 100%

      of the Class of 2022 Academy graduates are college-bound

    • $1.04M

      The Academy Class of 2022 reported receiving $1.04M in scholarships. That's more than $86,300+ per student.

    • 79%

      of our Class of 2022 graduates who applied to college were offered admission to their first-choice school

    • 62%

      Class of 2022 graduates were accepted at 62% of NCAA Division I institutions

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    Flexible scheduling for busy athletes

    With our flexible self-paced schedule, students have the time to play their sport and complete their schoolwork. We offer five and 10-month enrollment periods to align with NCAA standards, and students have up to 10 blackout dates throughout the school year to take a day off for travel, competitions, training, or recovery.

    College-prep and NCAA-approved courses

    The Academy at Laurel Springs is a complete college prep program. Personalized around your goals and passions, more than 160 of our high school courses meet NCAA standards. Our program features 30+ optional live Workshop courses, interactive and exclusive learning experiences like the Academy Lounge, a virtual weekly hangout for students and their peers; the Symposium, a discussion-based course with expert guest speakers; and a Yearly Seminar, a course aiding students in planning and achieving their postgraduate goals.

    Our mastery-based curriculum also allows students to work diligently on their academic eligibility. All courses completed by students will be listed on their academic transcript.

    Dedicated, supportive counselors

    Our placement management team works closely with student-athletes to provide guidance on NCAA eligibility and staying on track academically, as well as supply resources for students in hopes of playing at the collegiate level. Additionally, students enrolled in the Academy have a college counselor who will help with time management, goal-setting, and college and career planning. College counselors remain with students until graduation.

    Reliable teachers

    Full-time students have world-class teachers who support and guide them throughout the academic year. 100% of our teachers hold advanced degrees and are specially trained to teach in an online environment, and they hold office hours, host live classes, and provide detailed feedback on assignments.

    Dual enrollment opportunities

    Our private high school program offers dual enrollment opportunities in partnership with Baylor University and Syracuse University, allowing student-athletes to start off strong on their college career path.

    Laurel Springs Alumni Andrew Meier

    It’s been my dream for a while to play tennis at IU. When I was a freshman, I made this goal that I wanted to play Division I. As I went on, I got better and better. Signing just felt amazing. IU is the perfect school for me."

    Andrew Meier, Class of 2022

    NCAA Division I Athlete | Indiana University, Undergraduate Student

    Student-Athlete FAQs

    • Is Laurel Springs a qualified NCAA program?

      Yes, Laurel Springs qualifies as an NCAA-approved education program. The NCAA considers Laurel Springs a nontraditional education program.
    • What does NCAA-approved mean?

      NCAA-approved means courses have been reviewed and approved by the NCAA.
    • What is an NCAA-approved course?

      An NCAA-approved course meets the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s definition of a core course. A core course must be in English, mathematics, natural/physical science, social science, foreign language, comparative religion, or philosophy. It’s also required to be a four-year college-prep course and a course at or above the regular academic level.
    • What is NCAA eligibility?

      NCAA eligibility determines if prospective college athletes are eligible to play collegiate-level sports at Division I or Division II schools. Reaching NCAA eligibility does not guarantee college admission.
    • What are the NCAA eligibility requirements?

      NCAA academic eligibility requirements are:

      • Graduating high school
      • Completion of 16 courses for Division I or II in eight semesters
      • Minimum GPA in core courses
      • Qualifying ACT or SAT test score (not required currently)
      • Final amateurism certification from the NCAA Eligibility Center
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    • What GPA do you need to compete in the NCAA?

      You must earn a 2.0 GPA at the minimum. However, you’ll need a competitive GPA for acceptance into NCAA schools and to play college sports.
    • What are NCAA schools?

      NCAA schools are members of the NCAA organization. The NCAA regulates intercollegiate athletics across three NCAA divisions, Division I, II, and III.
    • How many NCAA schools are there?

      There are over 1,100 NCAA schools.

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