NCAA-Approved Programming and Expert Advisory

At Laurel Springs, we understand the challenges faced by student-athletes striving for college-level competition. Our NCAA-approved curriculum and strategic athletic advisory provide athletes with the flexible programming and support they need to thrive academically, meet eligibility requirements, and reach their highest potential.

At Laurel Springs, student-athletes make up nearly 35% of our student body, and many of these students achieve their ultimate goal of competing at their preferred Division I school or even professionally.

Here, our dedicated athletic advisors and college counselors don't just guide you through the NCAA landscape – they champion your aspirations. In essence, we're much more than a school; WE'RE PART OF YOUR TEAM.

Our Support Looks Like

  • Guidance on maintaining eligibility per NCAA guidelines
  • Help navigating the recruitment process and choosing the best fit college(s)
  • Answers to questions pertaining to amateurism and social media branding
  • Information on how to speak with college coaches, and help preparing for official and unofficial visits to colleges
  • Help preparing for official and unofficial student-athlete visits to colleges
  • Guidance on registration and utilization of the NCAA Eligibility Center
Laurel Springs Academy NCAA-Approved Online High School Program

Why Athletes Choose Us

  • 100% flexible, self-paced schedule with up to 10 blackout dates per semester
    • 5 and 10-month enrollment periods to align with NCAA standards
    • 24/7 access to asynchronous coursework from anywhere in the world
  • College-prep and NCAA-approved programming, including Honors and AP
  • Guidance from two personal advisors, a College Counselor and Athletic Advisor
  • Ongoing support to monitor Division I academic qualifier status and NCAA eligibility status
Laurel Springs Academy NCAA-Approved Online High School Program

The Journey of a Laurel Springs Student-Athlete


Laurel Springs Alumni Andrew Meier

It’s been my dream for a while to play tennis at IU. When I was a freshman, I made this goal that I wanted to play Division I. As I went on, I got better and better. Signing just felt amazing. IU is the perfect school for me."

Andrew Meier, Class of 2022

NCAA Division I Athlete | Indiana University, Undergraduate Student

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Student-Athlete FAQs

  • Is Laurel Springs a qualified NCAA program?

    Yes, Laurel Springs qualifies as an NCAA-approved education program. The NCAA considers Laurel Springs a nontraditional education program.
  • What does NCAA-approved mean?

    NCAA-approved means courses have been reviewed and approved by the NCAA.
  • What is an NCAA-approved course?

    An NCAA-approved course meets the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s definition of a core course. A core course must be in English, mathematics, natural/physical science, social science, foreign language, comparative religion, or philosophy. It’s also required to be a four-year college-prep course and a course at or above the regular academic level.
  • What is NCAA eligibility?

    NCAA eligibility determines if prospective college athletes are eligible to play collegiate-level sports at Division I or Division II schools. Reaching NCAA eligibility does not guarantee college admission.
  • What are the NCAA eligibility requirements?

    NCAA academic eligibility requirements are:

    • Graduating high school
    • Completion of 16 courses for Division I or II in eight semesters
    • Minimum GPA in core courses
    • Qualifying ACT or SAT test score (not required currently)
    • Final amateurism certification from the NCAA Eligibility Center
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