Laurel Springs Summer School

Summer courses at Laurel Springs drive students to grow academically outside of the traditional school year. From kindergarten through grade 12, students can work ahead or retake a course, gaining what they need to feel confident about entering their next grade level.

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Achieve more in less time—on your time

With summer courses at Laurel Springs, academics don't get in the way of pursuing outside interests and passions. Our online summer program helps students grow and excel academically and personally.

Quick Facts

Who can apply?

Students in kindergarten through grade 12.

When can students enroll?

Our summer program has multiple start dates. View Dates

How much does it cost?

Tuition for summer school varies by course(s).

How long are the courses?

We offer six-week and 12-week summer courses.

Although it is unlike any other school setting I've ever seen, online learning is unique and amazing in its own way. It has proven that no student needs to sit in a classroom for seven hours to learn everything that they need to know. In fact, having the ability to go out in the real world each day is a learning opportunity that no traditional school can offer." Laurel Springs Alum

Build confidence
at any level

The Laurel Springs summer program provides the opportunity to explore new topics, get a jumpstart on their next school year, or retake a course. Our self-paced approach allows students to focus on gaining knowledge and understanding, which can boost their confidence, build self-esteem, and prepare them for success.

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Accelerate your education

Laurel Springs students can complete year-long courses in just 12 weeks! Are you looking for less commitment? Complete semester-long courses in only six weeks.

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Learn how to succeed

Laurel Springs uses a flexible, self-paced instructional format and a mastery-based approach allowing students to master concepts before moving to the next level. This personalized learning model is so effective students often see more achievement in less time.

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Ready to get started?

Accelerate your education with the Laurel Springs summer program.

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