School Counseling

College Counseling Services Overview

Laurel Springs’ College Counselors play an instrumental role in the college preparation process for our students, and they cultivate lasting relationships with our students as part of their online school experience. Our credentialed professionals each hold a membership with the National Association of College Admissions Counseling and remain informed on trends in the field. Additionally, members of our counseling team participate in college information sessions and on-campus visits each year, building relationships with admissions representatives. We are committed to ensuring our students are well-prepared to enter the colleges and universities of their choice and that they have the information and support to identify and attain the skills, knowledge, and resources necessary to follow their selected college and career paths.

Counseling Services & Curriculum

Academic Advising

  • Course selection tailored to the goals of each student utilizing our Program of Study, the Find Your Drive Career Pathways program, and dual enrollment opportunities offered through university partners
  • Goal setting, time management, and study skills development
  • Student-athlete eligibility guidance
  • University of California admissions eligibility guidance

College and Career Planning

  • Grade level seminar courses (includes college and career readiness tool, Naviance)
  • Career and personality assessments
  • Exploring and researching colleges and careers
  • Identifying best college fit
  • Building a balanced college list
  • Navigating the college admissions and application process
  • Preparing for standardized exams
  • Financial aid and scholarships resources
  • Virtual College Visits by College Admissions Representatives
  • Counselor letter of recommendation

Webinars and iClasses on academic, college, and career planning topics

What Our Students and Families Are Saying

College Admissions Outcomes

Laurel Springs’ diverse student body results in different admissions statistics for each graduating class. Our students may be college bound, living domestically and internationally, and they may be accelerated learners, student athletes, performers, and pre-professionals. Each year, rising graduates are accepted to over 300 different colleges and universities around the world, including small and large private and public colleges and universities, top-tier universities, research institutions, liberal arts colleges, and visual and performing arts colleges and conservatories. Additionally, many of our rising graduates choose to attend two-year colleges and vocational schools, take a gap year, or enter directly into a professional field or military service.

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