The Value Behind Laurel Spring School’s K-8 Microcourses


When it comes to course schedules, most K-12 students commit to semester-long classes, taking courses to develop their academic skill set. But what if there were short, fun, and interactive courses to spur your students' creativity?

Short courses are pivotal to offer young learners. As students grow and develop as young individuals, they are simultaneously developing and exploring their interests. A short course can offer your K-8 student a new outlook on a topic, industry, or hobby, introducing them to a world of wonder.

Short courses go by many different names and are defined differently by the institutions or schools that offer them, but at Laurel Springs School, these are called microcourses.

What is a microcourse?

At Laurel Springs, microcourses are short, three-week long courses, allowing K-8 students to explore interdisciplinary subjects in a self-paced, mastery-based online learning environment.

Uniquely built in-house, these courses are designed for students to discover, explore, and ask questions, prompting them to engage purposefully and creatively with their learning. Most of our microcourses offer opportunities for the development of a project, allowing students to demonstrate their newfound knowledge.

The best part? Learners can take their new set of skills and decide if they want to develop them further in future academic and personal pursuits. Below is an overview of the microcourses we offer for lower and middle school students.

Lower school microcourses

Microcourses vary by grade level. K-2 students can explore art and music, discovering a love of the arts and engaging in hands-on activities.

For students in grades 3-5, our microcourses cover interesting subjects like food, de-extinction, graphic novels, and renewable solar energy. Students in these courses can use these courses to find an academic or creative interest before they enter the next grade level.

Featured microcourses:

LS Powerful Graphic Novels is great for Marvel and comic lovers, teaching students unique aspects of story development and how to bring their own graphic novel to life at the end of the third week.

LS Funtastic Food ties academics to cooking, introducing students to the world of nutrition! Students will learn real-world skills, developing their own menu and documenting their progress along the way through pictures and journals. At the end of the course, students will have a final demo video or cookbook for kids.

Middle school microcourses

Middle schoolers can use microcourses to start developing their skills in a potential career path, add projects to their portfolio, or just have some fun! Microcourses for 6-8 grades cover engaging topics in sports, science, personal finance, landmarks, architecture, and dystopian literature.

Featured microcourses:

MS Strategic Money introduces students to the financial world. Students will learn about budgets, markets, interest, and investments. By the end of the course, students will create a portfolio of how and why they saved, invested, or spent their money, walking away with foundational knowledge on personal finance.

MS Brick by Brick is a course in Minecraft! Students will learn the importance behind some of the greatest landmarks around the world, virtually exploring and creating their own digital architectural masterpiece in the world of Minecraft.

The value of learning at Laurel Springs

Despite only being three weeks long, these courses are great learning experiences and allow students to indulge in their interests while gaining academic knowledge. These short courses, like many of Laurel Springs courses, are flexible, self-paced, and mastery-based, allowing students to learn asynchronously.

To learn more about Laurel Springs School’s courses, explore our academics and read our in-depth course offerings blog.