We’re Improving Curriculum and Increasing Staffing for the 2022–2023 Academic Year


We’ve added new courses and hired additional teachers to support increased enrollment. To bolster the curriculum, we’ve added new education partners and classes from entities including Language Bird, Labster, and Kira Learning. 

As we face nationwide teacher shortages, school safety concerns, and a juncture of education and technology, this is a critical time for education. We’re investing in our students by adding more teachers and staff, while offering a curriculum that gives learners the tools they need. As a private school we have a partnership portfolio that allows for unique, learner-centered experiences and develops students' individual world-perspectives as they prepare for life after K-12.  

The school’s expansive partnership network includes the following topics:

  • Languages: The Academy at Laurel Springs, the school’s accelerated program for driven and gifted students in grades 6–12, offers courses for 14 world languages, partnering with LanguageBird to connect learners to passionate, experienced teachers who love to teach their language and culture. This 1:1 learning environment helps students to better understand and learn languages. 
  • STEM: In partnership with Labster, Laurel Springs created a unique, hands-on experience in select science courses, offering students the opportunity to participate in simulated labs through the online program. Courses engage students in the material and create connections between the principles and real-world applications. 
  • Computer Science: Recently, Laurel Springs announced a new partnership with Kira Learning, an AI-powered K-12 education publisher built for 21st-century learners. This partnership creates opportunities for Laurel Springs students to develop computer science skills and explore career possibilities with industry leaders. 

This investment comes as teachers and students have increased their interest in online learning, a trend continuing since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Student enrollment increased nearly 54 percent from the 2019 school year to the 2021 academic year, and we’ve hired more than 120 teachers. Teachers at Laurel Springs are required to have a Master's or more advanced degree in education or a field related to their study, as well as receive specialized training in online instruction. This increase in hiring supports Laurel Springs’ curriculum and the 1:1 approach to education, specifically designed to stimulate learners and direct their natural curiosity.

In addition, the school continues to bolster The Academy at Laurel Springs. For this academic year, the program launched more than 20 new courses, including new workshop courses, providing a weekly live component in which students attend a small, remote class to work with peer groups to better explore course material throughout the year. Workshops and specialized partnerships are part of the customizable experience for each student, and they receive personalized instruction and flexibility designed around personal interests, talents, and passions.

As a pipeline to selective colleges and universities, The Academy offers more than 250 college prep classes such as Advanced Placement or Honors courses and gives students the chance to pursue electives and fine arts they may be interested in. The Academy has improved its impressive curriculum with an AP Capstone Diploma program.

Laurel Springs students are among the most highly sought-after students by colleges and universities, as graduates in the Class of 2022 graduates were offered admission to 76 percent of U.S. News & World Report's Top 50 schools. While all 100 percent of students enrolled in The Academy were admitted to a college program, more than 92 percent of Laurel Springs core students graduating in the Class of 2022 are college-bound.