Laurel Springs’ Back-to-School Non-Checklist


As summer winds down and families prepare for another school year, shopping for supplies and planning for the first day of school are at the top of the to-do list. For Laurel Spring School students, a different experience lies ahead. Consider a world where every back-to-school season is stress-free and a system of support awaits your child. No checklists. No hassles. No worries. That’s the power of online learning.

Go Beyond the Brick and Mortar

Put down the brick-and-mortar back-to-school shopping list and get ready to check off every box your student needs to succeed this school year. Laurel Springs’ self-paced, mastery-based approach to learning allows students to thrive in their education and personal passions. 

Instead of rushing around town to complete your back-to-school checklist, tap into Laurel Springs’ extensive list of academic excellence.

The Laurel Springs Checklist

Flexibility: Check!

Laurel Springs students never choose between their education and their passions. Our asynchronous self-paced courses enable a variety of students to thrive here, from athletes to artists to advanced learners and more. 

With rolling enrollments, your student can start at almost any point throughout the school year. Students also enjoy ten blackout dates a year, allowing them to travel, take a day off, or focus on tournaments, performances, and any personal goals. Your child can move at a pace that works for them with the aid and support of the best educators available. 

Expert Faculty: Check!

Prepare for an education that promotes responsibility and limitless learning. With the support of our world-class teachers, your child will learn how to learn at Laurel Springs. Our students gain access to ongoing support from highly qualified teachers. We have more than 260 teachers across 41 states, two countries, and eight time zones.

Our teachers are selected based on quality. One-hundred percent of our teachers hold advanced degrees and are trained to teach in an online environment. Laurel Springs students can expect consistent interaction and availability from their teachers, as well as meaningful feedback on assignments, access to live help via LSS Live, and teacher office hours. 

Student Success: Check!

Laurel Springs students find success in all aspects of life, from a competitive edge in sports to higher SAT and ACT test scores than the national average.

Academics at Laurel Springs boast 230+ college prep courses, as well as 290+ UC a-g approved courses and 160+ NCAA-approved courses. Our curriculum fosters growth in all students, creating an environment in which each subject is mastered before moving on to the next level of course material. A self-paced style of education allows students to excel beyond the brick-and-mortar system and reach their potential.


“Laurel Springs freed me up in a way I didn’t realize could be done with school. I think—more than anything—it gave me the reins to take ownership over my education, taking pressure off school and shifting accountability to me. I think you get a lot of hand-holding in a public school system. Going to school online, you become responsible for all of your learning.”
-Spenser Bozsik, Class of 2017

Program for Advanced Learners: Check!

Laurel Springs knows that each and every education must be catered to the individual. That’s why we offer multiple programs, including The Academy at Laurel Springs, a rigorous academic program for identified driven and gifted scholars. This 6–12 program exists to challenge and inspire your child—and their peers—as well as prepare them for higher education and a future career.

The Academy is tailored to gifted students who require a high-powered curriculum. Students are partnered with other intellectually curious and like-minded peers from around the world, joining together in an extensive and challenging curriculum. Find out what The Academy can do for your student.

School From Home, Not Homeschool

Imagine a school with a comprehensive system of support that caters to your child’s every need —right from your home! From extensive course offerings and flexible scheduling to world-class educators and a wide selection of social activities, Laurel Springs brings everything to the table — and more. 

This fall, come back to a school that supports your child’s every need. Laurel Springs has rolling enrollments, so back-to-school can happen at any time of the year. Speak with an admissions coordinator today to kick off the 2022-2023 school year.