Heard of Gifted and Talented? Introducing: Driven and Gifted


If your child excels in a subject, feels like their coursework is unchallenging, or they comprehend subjects faster than their peers, they may be a gifted learner. Gifted learners are often driven, curious, and talented. They require an education that caters to their intellect and unique needs–hence, gifted education.

What is gifted education?

Gifted education provides select K-12 students, also known as gifted learners, an enriching and accelerated academic program. According to the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights, an estimated six percent of public school students are enrolled in gifted and talented programs.

What is the definition of gifted?

There are several definitions of a gifted student. Although, according to the National Association of Gifted Children (NAGC), gifted and talented students have the capability to perform at higher levels in comparison to their peers of the same age, experience, and environment.

Who is the gifted student?

Gifted students come from all kinds of backgrounds. These students can be talented in a certain subject area and often have unique needs that aren't met in the traditional classroom. There's no universal way to identify gifted children, however, most schools use the top five to ten percent of students in relation to the norm as a general guide for identification.

What are gifted and talented programs?

Gifted and talented programs support the academic and social-emotional needs of gifted students. These needs are often met by a more advanced and enriched curriculum, allowing gifted learners to deep dive into subjects they excel in and learn at a faster pace.

The NAGC offers national standards for gifted and talented education, but at this time, there are no federal requirements for gifted education. These programs are only determined necessary by some states' Department of Education. Otherwise, local school districts decide if gifted and talented programs are offered in their public schools. Various private schools also offer gifted and talented programs.

Introducing the Academy for driven and gifted students

The Academy at Laurel Springs School is a rigorous academic program for select driven and gifted scholars in grades 6-12. Our program welcomes students who are passionate about their hobbies, talents, and learning. The Academy allows these students to challenge themselves inside and outside of the classroom, providing them the flexibility to thrive at the highest level.

Our program immerses students in a complete social-emotional, college-prep curriculum designed to inspire, challenge, and prepare them to meet their goals in higher education and life. Our online, asynchronous, and mastery-based learning model allows gifted learners to proceed throughout the school year at their own pace, master subjects, learn alongside like-minded peers, and receive guidance and support from credentialed college counselors and highly-qualified teachers.

With an education built around their individual interests, passions, and talents, gifted learners prepare for lifelong success. To learn more about how driven and gifted scholars thrive in the Academy, talk to an admissions counselor today.