Lila Holley, an All-star Gymnast With Ambition Across the Board

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Were you crawling out of your crib as a tiny tot? Attempting handstands against the wall as a toddler and exploring your home like an obstacle course while still in diapers?

Meet Lila Holley, a 7th-grade gymnast from Alabama, who was born to defy gravity. As a student at The Academy at Laurel Springs and Level 9 regional and eastern qualifier, Lila is absolutely crushing it! Balancing online school and a demanding training schedule is something many middle schoolers would find daunting, but Lila is confident and invigorated.

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Tiny Tumbler, Big Dreams

Lila was a gymnast before she could even walk. Her parents noticed how physically curious she was and decided to give her an outlet for her activity at the age of 2. By 4 years old, Lila had joined a gymnastics pre-team to explore the sport a bit more intentionally. Today, she’s a Level 9 gymnast out of 10 levels who trains every weekday at Laurel Springs’ Partner, Mountain Brook Gymnastics!

A typical day includes 5 hours of training and conditioning. Some days, 8 hours (beast-mode!), with practice and lunch included. Lila has a goal of competing at the collegiate level one day, so she is deeply invested in her training schedule and gymnastics community. “I love my gym and how it has so many different options and levels,” she says. “It’s full of opportunities, and I love my coaches and teammates, too!”

Her hard work is definitely paying off. “In 2023, I was 1 of 8 girls to make the state team in Alabama,” she shares. She helped Alabama secure an impressive 4th-place finish while competing against other states. Go, Lila!

Balancing Online School and Gymnastics

You might be wondering where school fits in. Laurel Springs School has been Lila’s virtual home since 6th grade. As part of The Academy, Laurel Springs’ premier, hybrid academic program for students seeking additional opportunities for collaboration, Lila gets to flex her mental muscles just as much as her physical ones. "I feel excited about what I'm learning," she mentions. "I love to write, and I love how much I get to write in the Academy."

With weekly live workshops, office hours, supportive teachers, and a counselor who is always ready to help, Lila has the tools she needs to thrive. Plus, the flexibility to structure her school day around her gymnastics schedule is a real game-changer! “I don’t have to tell her to do anything,” Lila’s mom chimes in. “She’s organized, and she’s a go-getter. I really feel like Laurel Springs is giving her the platform to succeed.”


Lila Holley’s Future Ambitions and Potential

When she’s not busy being a gymnastics rockstar, Lila indulges in plenty of other interests! She's a bookworm, likes to hike and go for walks, enjoys watercoloring and loves Legos. “One day, I want to be an architect,” she shares. “I want to design homes!”

From her early years as a tiny tot to her current status as a competitive athlete in the gymnastics world, Lila proves that age is just a number when it comes to chasing your ambitions! We can’t wait to watch her continue to shine in her sport, in The Academy, and in pursuit of her other unique passions. Lila, thank you for being such a wonderful example for other Laurel Springs students with big dreams like yours! You are a true all-star!


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