College Prep Schools: Should You Enroll?


The transition from middle school to high school can be intimidating. On the one hand, the pressure of making friends, trying to engage in extracurriculars, and preparing for college seems like a lot to juggle. On the other, a new school year means a fresh start with endless possibilities.

It's important to start thinking about your career goals as you enter high school. As you begin to decipher your career path, you may realize obtaining a college degree is the way to begin. If you're driven and ready to prepare for a successful transition to higher education, then you should consider enrolling in a college prep school.

College prep vs Traditional school

For many students entering high school, college is the end goal, but others may have career goals after they receive their diplomas. While some career paths don't require an advanced method of study, school still provides a necessary foundation of knowledge and life skills. Your post-graduate plans can always change, so take into consideration what school will offer you the best education.

College prep schools

College prep schools offer rigorous curricula to equip college-bound high school students with the skills and knowledge to advance into the college of their choice. Oftentimes, these are private schools with a reputation for high-level academic excellence, and their enrolled students are accepted to some of the most prestigious universities across the globe.

Traditional high school

Traditional public schools may offer college prep courses, but their overall curriculum may not be preparatory; they may also not offer advanced placement (AP) courses. College prep classes have more material than your typical course but do not qualify for college credit; AP courses provide you with college credit as they are college-level courses managed by the College Board.

The advantage of college prep

Students attending college prep schools are challenged in the classroom and are still taught core subjects such as math, history, and literature. Enrolled students also have additional modes of support to ensure academic success.

Prep schools give students the opportunity to demonstrate their college-readiness skills. These schools offer extracurricular opportunities, AP, ACT, and SAT preparation, support from college counselors, access to college alumni, and more resources to prepare students and give them a competitive edge.

It’s never too early to start planning

It takes a lot of research to understand the college admissions process. Universities consider criteria such as your ACT and SAT scores, grades, course history, college essays, volunteer work, achievements, and more. For most, having high indicators of academic excellence will help your application stand out.

Just starting to research universities? Find a college that features a program of your interest and consider tuition and student life. It’s never too early to look into available scholarships and get familiar with the financial aid process too.

Once you have your eye on a particular college, look up their admission requirements and meet with your college counselor to ensure you have the right academic plan to apply.

Get into your first-choice school

If you’re ready to take control of your academic journey, talk to your parents about enrolling in a college prep program like Laurel Springs School. 

Our students thrive with the freedom to craft their school day, learn and master subjects at their own pace, and enroll in courses based on their interests, passions, and talents. And, our graduates are accepted into over 300 colleges and universities every year. Read about the successes of our alumni to learn how our students take on post-grad life. 

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